Care & Usage

Care and Cleaning

Always unplug the air cleaner before moving or cleaning the unit, opening the grill, or changing the filters. It should also be unplugged whenever the unit is not in use. To disconnect the unit, be sure to pull the plug and not the cord. Permanent filters can be vacuumed every few months for easy cleaning.

The washable pre-filter captures larger particles and extends the permanent filter’s cleaning cycle.

NEVER drop or insert any objects into the openings of the unit.

DO NOT operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug.

DO NOT place anything on top of unit.

NEVER use detergents, gasoline, glass cleaner, furniture polish, paint thinner, or other household solvents to clean any part of the appliance.

Always turn the appliance off before unplugging it.

The ionizer may cause a static charge to build up on the air outlet grill. A static charge may be felt if the unit is not properly grounded. To avoid a static charge, plug the unit's three-prong plug into a grounded outlet, or properly install a ground adaptor. The static charge will not occur if the ionizer is off.

This appliance should only be used in rooms with temperatures between 4° C (40° F) and 43° C (110° F).


Cleaning and maintenance:

Turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning.

The outside of the air purifier can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

The filtered air outlet/top air vent can be cleaned of dust with a small, soft brush.

You can remove the air inlet/front grill for cleaning by opening the air cleaner’s door.

Carefully place fingers in the indentation on the right side of the door and gently pull forward. Once the door is open to 90 degrees, pull the grill up and forward. Once removed, the front grill can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. DO NOT place in dishwasher. Make sure the grill is completely dry before reinstalling.

If you wish to clean the inside of the air purifier, please remove filters and only use a dry, soft cloth to wipe it down.

DO NOT wash HEPA or CARBON filters.

WARNING: DO NOT allow moisture to come in contact with the main housing of the air cleaner.


Pre-filter cleaning instructions:

Turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning.

Every 2-3 weeks check the conditions of the washable foam pre-filter.

Open the front door and remove the pre-filter frame to examine the pre-filter.

If the pre-filter has a noticeable amount of dust, lint or particulate accumulation, wash it by hand in warm soapy water. The pre-filter must be washed at least every 30 days, or more often as necessary. If the pre-filter is worn or damaged replace it. DO NOT wash in an automatic washer. Gently hand wash only.

After washing, rinse and dry the pre-filter thoroughly before replacing it into the air cleaner door. DO NOT dry the pre-filter in an automatic dryer. Dry only by dabbing gently with a dry, cloth hand towel.

Replace pre-filter in door and latch pre-filter frame.


Cleaning a permanent filter:

The permanent filter is designed to never need replacement. However, we recommend regular cleaning for optimal performance.

Every few weeks, check the condition of the filter. After approximately 3 months of operation, a Filter Clean Indicator will alert you to clean the filter before further use.


To clean the filter:

Turn off and unplug the air cleaner.

Remove the air inlet grill by pulling on the tab.

Remove and examine the foam pre-filter.

If it has collected dust or lint, remove and wash it in warm, soapy water. Rinse and drip dry thoroughly before placing it back into the grill inlet.

Check the condition of the a permanent filters and remove if dirty.

Clean the permanent filter.

Using your vacuum cleaner, run the brush attachment along both sides of the filter and clean between the pleated layers. IMPORTANT: DO NOT use water, household cleaners, or detergents to clean the a permanent filter.

The filter may appear discolored, even after vacuuming. This is normal and does not affect performance in any way—a new filter is not necessary.

Many of our models include a filter indicator light or digital display to take the guesswork out of when filter replacement is needed.
Carbon filters capture larger particles and help reduce unpleasant odors.
The carbon filter needs to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on usage, while the HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 12-18 months depending on usage.