General Information

SKU What type of Humidifier is it?  What room size? What Filter?
HUL2622W-UM Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HWM5850MM-UM Warm Mist


No Filter Needed
HUL8000-TUM Warm & Cool Mist


No Filter Needed
HM1300-NU Cool Mist


Type A Filter

HWM6008-NUM Warm Mist


No Filter Needed
HCM730-TUM Cool Mist


Two Type E Filters


HCM730-WUM Cool Mist


Two Type E Filters


HM3855L-UM Cool Mist


Type D Filter


HM2610-TUM Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HM5100-UM Cool Mist


Type A Filter


HUL2723B-UM Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HM500TG1-UM Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HUL2425D-WTU Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HM495-UC Ultrasonic


No Filter Needed
HWM6000-NUM Warm Mist


No Filter Needed
HM1701-NU Cool Mist


Type A Filter

A hygrometer is used to measure the amount of humidity there is in a particular area.
Microban® protection is an Antimicrobial agent that is used to treat the wick filter and the base of the humidifier. Microban® product protection helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.
Teflon® coating can be found on warm mist humidifiers. It is the same coating that can be found on many non-stick cooking products. On warm mist humidifiers, minerals from the water often collect on the heating element; the Teflon® coating makes cleaning the humidifier easier.
A humidity level between 40 and 50% is recommended. A hygrometer is a measuring device that measures humidity.
The larger the room, the greater the output that is required to maintain the recommended humidity level. It is simply a matter of efficiency. A 1 gallon output humidifier that tried to humidify a 1000 sq. ft home would never be able to produce enough moisture to maintain the recommended humidity level of 40-50% in such a large area. In order to humidify such a large area the output would need to increase.
The box rating typically shows output that the humidifier is CAPABLE of producing in a 24-hour period. The amount of time the unit will run without a refill (run time) depends on the combination of the output and the capacity of the unit. For example: A 4 gallon output humidifier with a 2 gallon tank capacity will run about 12 hours on high before running out of water. The speed the unit is being operated at and the amount of moisture the room needs will also effect run time. This is why the run time is stated as "up to" a certain number of hours.
If there is condensation is building on the windows it means the humidifier is producing too much output for the space it is humidifying. If a humidistat is being used, then you can try lowering the humidistat setting. If not, you may need a lower output humidifier for the desired space.
  • Vaporizer: Warm Mist humidifier. Typically low output units with very basic features.
  • Warm Mist Humidifier: A more "sophisticated" version of a vaporizer. A warm mist humidifier uses a different type of heating element than a vaporizer and typically has a removable tank. Some warm mist humidifiers are available with water purification filters that make the unit easier to clean.
  • Impeller: A cool mist humidifier that uses centrifugal force to create moisture. These are usually low output units with very basic features.
  • Evaporative Wick Humidifier: Cool mist humidifier that uses a wick filter to produce moisture.
  • Console humidifier: These are the same as evaporative wick humidifiers but are much larger in size.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier: Frequently referred to as "visible mist" humidifiers, ultrasonics produce cool moisture by creating vibrations in the water that break the water into moist vapor.
Humidifiers provide relief from dry indoor air, which causes scratchy throats, dry skin, and bloody noses, helps prevent furniture from cracking and provides a healthy growing environment for plant life.
1Touch® humidistats can be operated by pushing the mode/off button to select the speed and humidity setting. As you press the 1Touch® button the unit will scroll through the options at each speed. To switch the unit off, simply press the button and hold for 2 seconds.
The humidistat and speed settings can be operated by pressing the Mode button. To set the humidistat, press Mode until the display says Auto. Then choose your speed setting and then set your desired humidity level. The humidity setting can be increased or decreased by pressing the + or - buttons. Humidity levels can be changed in 5% increments ranging from 30-65%.
On warm mist units (and most Ultrasonics) the unit will automatically shut off until the unit is refilled.
Humidifiers come with a variety of features that vary depending on the type of humidifier.
A humidistat is like a humidity thermostat. Simply set the humdistat to the humidity level you which to maintain. The humidifier will then run as ended to maintain the pre-set humidity level. There are three types of humidistats available through the Holmes® Brand: Manual, 1Touch®, and AccuSet™.