How To Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Bedding

Dry air is the perfect source for electrically charged particles to shock you when you least expect it. That's why your hair, clothes and bedding all seem to be scheming against your comfort this time of year. However, there are several simple methods for getting rid of static from your bedding so you can sleep in peace.

Use White Vinegar
You've likely heard of white vinegar being a great natural substance for cleaning and removing odors, but it's also an effective way to get rid of static. Rather than using harsh chemicals to protect your bedding from the annoying cling, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your clothes washer when cleaning bedding. 

Choose the Right Materials
When it comes to your bedding, there are certain materials that are more likely to shock you in the dead of winter when the air is dry. Rayon, acetate, polyester and nylon are all notorious for static cling, so avoid these whenever possible. Instead, opt for more natural fabric, like cotton, wool, silk or linen.

Run a Humidifier
Since dry air is a major reason for static electricity, it's important to keep an ideal level of humidity in your home to combat the issue. Run a Humidifier to keep the air in your room full of moisture and reduce your chances of a nasty shock when you're trying to get comfortable.

Skip the Dryer
Anyone who's folded laundry in the winter and endured countless shocks is well aware that the clothes dryer is a major source of static electricity. If you must use the dryer, throw in a damp towel for the last 20 minutes of the cycle.

Remove Your Own Charge
Reduce the amount of static by keeping your body as free of the charge as possible. Apply lotion to your body to banish dryness and lock in moisture, which keeps static at bay. Run some through your hair and use the remainder to wipe down your clothing as well.

Try Simple Hacks
There are a few methods of banishing static cling with materials and products you probably already have lying around the house. Run the flat part of a wire hanger over your bedding before getting into bed to neutralize the charge and prevent shocks. Also, when taking bedding out of the dryer, shake it out and lightly mist with it with an aerosol can of hair spray. Doing so can keep static under wraps so it doesn't disturb you when you retire for the night.