How to Put Out a Candle Without Smoke

Scented candles promote a romantic mood, a lovely scent and a calming feel. However, once it's time to put out the flame, you're left with a smoky smell and hazy air. Candle wicks are typically supposed to be made out of cotton or paper, but they aren't always. There are certain kinds of candles that may even advance indoor air pollutants. Lighting a candle every now and then is unlikely to provoke any allergies but putting out a candle without smoke will foster cleaner air.

The Trick
The ultimate trick for putting out a candle without smoke is to use a candle wick dipper. The method, using the dipper to bend the wick into the wax, is an age old trick that will put out the flame without causing any smoke. There are a number of kinds of candle dippers and even household items such as a pencil can be used for this. Using your tool, push the candle wick into the small pool of wax that forms beneath the flame. The hot wax will immediately put out the flame without emitting any smoke. Use your dipper tool to then pull the wick back out of the wax. This method also helps prepare your wick for the next use. When blowing out a candle does provoke smoke, opening a window for a flow of fresh air. This will help to clear out the smoky air and bring in the fresh outdoor air.

Other Alternatives
There are plenty of other ways to promote the same kind of mood and pleasing aroma in your home without lighting the wick of a scented candle. Soy-based and beeswax candles are healthier options that promote cleaner, more purified air. Battery operated candles are another great alternative. Another option is to forego the use of candles all together. Opt for festive lights that will promote that same warm glow that a candle gives off. If you miss the calming aroma of your scented candle, opt instead for an air purifier. The natural, clean scent will be even better than the fragrance of your wax candle. Oil mists, available in a number of scents, are another natural way to promote good-smelling, quality air in your home. Additionally, boiling natural scents and spices in a pot of water is a great way to bring a lovely scent to your home.