How to Live in Harmony with a Smoker

Even if you love your significant other unconditionally, there's a good chance you hate his or her smoking habits. Cigarette smoke can linger on your clothes and furniture and irritate your eyes, nose and throat - not to mention cause serious health concerns. Your loved one's habit shouldn't affect the comfort of your home. Here are a few tips for living in harmony.

Prohibit Indoor Smoking
Ask that all smoking be kept outside to reduce the amount of harmful secondhand smoke indoors. While it might be inconvenient for a smoker to go outside for each cigarette, he or she should understand that it's essential to maintaining a comfortable - and healthy - home. 

Wear the Right Attire
Everyone who smokes or is close with someone who does is all too familiar with the smell of stagnant cigarette smoke on their clothes. Before heading outdoors to light up, ask that he or she grabs the same sweatshirt or coat to put on. Before returning inside, he or she should check it at the door so the smell is as contained as possible. At the end of each week, just add it to the laundry to get rid of the smoky smell.

Remove Smoke from Clothing
If some of the smoke smell still remains on your clothing after a wash, try hanging them out to dry. Sometimes, a little fresh air is all you need to get rid of the lingering odor. However, if it still has remnants of cigarettes, try pouring a can of Coca Cola in with your wash - but don't opt for the sugar-free kind. The ingredients in the soda should pull out all of the odor and leave your clothes smelling fresher than ever.

Eliminate Indoor Odors
Even if smoking is kept outdoors, it's possible for some fumes to creep their way inside. Run an air purifier to neutralize odors and keep the air fresh and clean. If smoking must be done inside every now and again, be sure to use a smoke-trapping product, like the Holmes® Smoke Grabber® Ashtray, to limit the smoke in the air. You can also spray an air freshener to cover up odors. If you'd rather take a more natural approach, try keeping out bowls of white vinegar and open packages of baking soda. Both substances can help neutralize odors and eliminate the irritating smell of smoke.