Product FAQs

Filter Auto-Ship Program

Can I change the duration or the number of items for the Auto-Ship program?

You can always order more of the Auto-Ship products or place your order for two or more Auto-Ship products to receive an increased number of supplies. 90 days is our current shipping cycle for this program.

How do I cancel the Filter Auto-Ship program?

There are no commitments with this program. You may cancel at any time prior to your next shipment by contacting our Customer Service team.

How does the Filter Auto-Ship work?

When your order is placed today, you will receive your first shipment in 6 -8 business days. Every 90 days we will send you the filters you ordered directly to your door so you'll always have supplies on hand. You will only be charged for your next Auto-Ship order when it is shipped.

How will I know when the next shipment will be?

When your next order is automatically placed, you will receive an order confirmation from us and a shipping confirmation with the tracking number.