Product FAQs


Why does my heater make a funny or loud sound when I use it?

Some models of heaters will make certain sounds, which are normal. For example Radiant, Parabolic, Quartz, and Baseboard heaters will have a crackling or vibrating sound coming from them when they are first turned on. This is caused by the heating elements expanding as they heat up which is normal. NOTE: If you feel heat on all the heat settings then the heater is working properly as an element would both heat up and produce heat or not work at all.

Why does my heater keep shutting off?

Here are some common reasons that portable electric heaters shut off:
  1. The thermostat on the heater is not set high enough.
  2. The heater needs to be reset due to an overheat situation. Consult your owners manual for additional details.
  3. If the unit has tip-over safety protection: To reset, simply place the heater in an upright position on a level surface.

Why does my heater smell like something is burning?

It is possible that a new heater will produce an odor when first used. This is normal and should go away after the heater has been used for a while. A heater can also have a burning odor from dust building up on the element. This buildup on a hot element can cause a burning smell.

Why is the cord on my heater very warm?

In most cases a warm cord does not mean that there is a problem with a heater. The most common causes for that are: An old or worn out outlet: If there is a loose connection between the plug and the socket then that will cause resistance and in turn heat build up. If there is not a tight fit between the plug and the outlet then the outlet should be replaced by qualified personnel. An overloaded circuit: Heaters can use up to 1500 watts of electricity and if you have other appliances in either the same outlet or on the same circuit breaker then a warm plug or tripping of a circuit breaker can occur. Under rated wiring: In some older homes the wiring is unable to support the amount of wattage used by the heater, which can be as high as 1500 Watts. Under rated Extension cord: An underrated extension cord causes resistance and heat builds up. You must use at least a 14-gauge extension cord rated for at least 1875 watts if an extension cord must be used.

Why does my heater keep tripping circuit breakers?

Heaters can use up to 1500 watts and 12.5 Amps on the highest setting. The average home uses 15 Amp circuit breakers, which only allows 2.5 additional amps to be used before the maximum limit is reached. If you have other appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, TV, etc. plugged in to the same outlet or on the same circuit then you may have surpassed the maximum amount of wattage that can be used on that circuit. Some homes may even have several rooms on the same circuit breaker. Note: A circuit breaker can be tripped either right after you turn your heater on or after it has been running for a while.

What do I do if my heater does not operate?

  • UNPLUG THE UNIT and make sure the heater is placed in an upright position.
  • If the unit has a thermostat, it may be set too low. Turn the thermostat to its highest setting until the heater restarts. Make sure the Selector is in the High, Low, or Eco-Smart(TM) setting.
  • Make sure the electrical outlet or circuit breaker is working.
  • Check for obstructions. If you find an obstruction turn the heater OFF, and UNPLUG THE UNIT. Carefully remove the obstruction and follow the reset instructions.
  • DO NOT attempt to open or repair the heater.
  • If your heater is still not operating, please refer back to the troubleshooting section of your user manual.

The fan on my heater is running; but there is only cold air coming out of the heater, is that normal?

Here are some common reasons why a heater may blow cool air:
  1. Some heaters have a fan only setting which will enable the user to use the heater as a fan. If your model has that feature, check to see if the heater is on the fan only setting.
  2. If the heater is on one of the heat settings, rather than the fan only setting, then it may have overheated and shut off power to the heater. Follow the reset instructions found on the heater or in the owners manual.
  3. With some digital thermostats, the fan will run for 30 seconds without heat once the set temperature is reached. This is to blow out excess heat and ensure an accurate and consistent temperature reading.
  4. If the heater continues to blow cool air after checking the above suggestions, please contact customer support.

It looks like there is a slight red glow inside the heater that is especially visible when the room is dark. Is that normal?

Some heaters should have elements that glow red. If your heater has an element that should not glow red then it is possible that the light emitted from the power light causes the red glow seen. If you feel that the glow is not from the power light then you can send your heater to us. We can then inspect the heater to determine if it is working properly.