Holmes Odor-Reducing Carbon Replacement Filters

Holmes Odor-Reducing Carbon Replacement Filters


Holmes HAPF60PDQ-U-1
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This Holmes Odor-Reducing Carbon Replacement Filter helps eliminate odors for maximum comfort and freshness. It uses charcoal treated with oxygen to open up millions of microscopic pores between carbon atoms, and helps capture odors and pollutants from air passing through the filter.

Additional Information

  • Powerful carbon air filter replacement is enhanced with baking soda uses charcoal with oxygen to create tiny pores between the carbon atoms to trap odors and pollutants
  • Helps control odors from pets, bathrooms, garbage, nurseries, and kitchens
  • Fits Holmes air purifier models: HAP8615, HAP633, HAP726, HAP9726B, HAP756, HAP8756, HAP8650, HAP759 Also fits Bionaire model air purifiers: BAP615, BAP625, BAP650, BAP1125, BAP1150, BAP1175, BAP1225, BAP1250, BAP1300