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FAQs & Troubleshooting



To Remove the Filter
There are two filters in this unit- one in the front and one in the rear.
Both can be removed by opening the front and rear filter doors.
NOTE: If the drying process described in the User Guide was not followed, the wicks will be wet so take precaution to protect your surfaces from excess water that may drip from the filter.
Take the filter door, depress the 2 door tabs, pull the door outward, and then remove the filter door assembly by pulling in an upward motion.The filter door can be carried to the trash to dispose of the filter. To remove the filter, make sure the filter is pulled out from under the clips and off of the support pins on the filter door.
To Replace the Filters
Take the filters and place on the filter doors first, by placing under the clips on the filter door, and then pressing the filter down gently onto the support pins on the door. Be sure the black carbon side of  filter is pointing towards filter door.
 To replace the Filter Door Once the Filter is Installed 
Slide door to bottom of unit tray and be sure to place filter itself OVER THE LIP OF THE TRAY, so that the filter is to the inside of the lip of the tray and the door is outside of the lip of thetray.
Be sure the filter door closes and fits properly into the unit. If the door will not