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- How to change your filter

• DO NOT attempt to wash and re-use the Aer1® Filters or Carbon filters.
• If the filters are enclosed in plastic bags, remove them before use.
NOTE: Filter life will vary, depending on air quality and usage. Under normal conditions of continuous use, the Aer1® Total Air, Odor and Smoke Filter will last 4 months while the True HEPA Allergen and Allergen PerformancePlus Filter will last 12 months. Installed in this unit at the time of purchase is the True HEPA Allergen Filter. Check the condition of the Carbon Filters and replace if needed. Carbon prefilters need to be replaced every 60-90 days. The unit and the App will notify you when the Aer1® filters need changed in your Smart Air
To replace the filters, use the following steps. 
Once you have purchased the new filters and are ready to install them, turn off the unit and unplug from the power source.
Open the Air Intake Grill and examine the black foam prefilter. Remove any dust or lint and wash in warm soapy water. Rinse, wring excess water and air dry prior to installing in unit.
Remove the used Aer1® filters and carbon filters from the unit by pulling it gently towards you and discard both the Aer1® and carbon filters. DO NOT attempt to clean the Aer1® filters.
To replace the carbon filters, simply remove the old carbon filters with the hook adhesive fastener, and insert new carbon filters in place after first removing the plastic bag. Using the new hook adhesive fastener provided with the carbon filters, attach the new carbon filters onto the new Aer1® filters.


 Install 2 new Aer1® filters into the unit.
This model utilizes a hang tab and filter clips to insure that the filter is properly in place. Before replacing the filters, make sure that the hang tab is securely in place. The clip can only be attached to the tabs on the filter one way. The filter clip should easily slide onto the filter hang tab with only a small amount of pressure. Both the arrows on the filter clip and on the Aer1® filter sticker should point towards the unit. The unit has hanging tabs to slide the filter clip onto. DO NOT use force while attaching the clip to the filter. (Figure One)


Align the clip on the side of Aer1® filter with rails on the inside of the purifier unit. Slide the filter onto the rail and ensure it is securely seated. (Figure Two)

Replace Air Intake Grill by snapping into place once the clips on the grill are properly aligned within the rails.

To reset the Filter Check Indicator, press and hold the Fan/Mode button for 6 seconds. The “replace filter” indicator will no longer illuminate when it is reset. You also can select the filter life tile in the App and select the filter that you have installed to reset the filter life.



- How to clean and service 


Your Air Purifier is equipped with an Air Quality Sensor for the Auto Clean Setting to cycle between low, medium and high speeds, based on surrounding indoor air quality. This setting can be selected directly on the Smart Air Purifier or through the WeMo® App. Once this setting is selected, your Smart Air Purifier will run on High upon startup in order to quickly analyze surrounding air quality. It will sample the air for 2 minutes. Once air quality has been determined, the unit may switch to a different fan/filtration speed for optimal filtration. An automatic adjustment in speed does not demonstrate
that the air has been cleaned but does demonstrate that air quality has been determined and an optimal speed has been selected. The Air Quality Sensor may adjust fan/filtration speeds at varying rates as it continues to measure air quality during use.
The App will alert when it is time to perform the periodic maintenance on your Smart Air Purifier. 
Turn the Smart Air Purifier off and unplug it before cleaning.
The outside of the Smart Air Purifier can be cleaned with a soft, clean dampened cloth.
The Air Intake Grill (front cover) can be removed and the washable foam prefilter can be taken off of the grill.
Wash prefilter in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. The air intake grill can be washed in warm soapy water. Air dry before re installing. The Filtered Air Outlet can be cleaned of dust with a small, soft brush or a damp cloth.

Using a cotton swab, access the Air Quality Sensor by opening the small access door between the 2 Aer1® filters in the filter chamber. Gently insert the cotton swab and wipe the Glass Optical Plates to remove any settled particulates. Close the air quality sensor access door and reassemble air intake door assembly.

If you wish to clean the inside of the Filter Chamber, please only use a dry, soft cloth
to wipe it down.
During this maintenance, this is also the recommended interval to change the Carbon
filters. You can order these online at holmesproducts.com. Model AOR31.
WARNING: Do not allow moisture to come in contact with the internal parts of the Smart Air Purifier.