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What Type of Fan is Right for You?

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Choosing the Right Fan

Holmes® offers a wide variety of fan styles and sizes to fit your personal home cooling needs. Here are some items to consider when choosing a fan for your home:

Types of Products

Personal Fans

Personal fans provide Holmes with the best opportunity to challenge our ingenuity and push the limit on trend forward design and color choices.  These sleek, space-saving designs provide focused cooling and comfort control while also making them easy to transport and pack away for storage.  They support an ideal opportunity to express consumer individuality and are perfect for use on desktops, kitchen counters and everywhere space is limited.

Table Fans

Conveniently sized and UL approved for desk and tabletop use, table fans are great for providing personal comfort.  Available in many distinct sizes, colors, and styles, Holmes offers an extensive line to choose from.  Grill patterns, blade shapes, and base styles do vary and some models are even wall-mountable to meet additional needs.  

Stand Fans

JCS manufactures a vast array of stand fans, each differentiated by size, feature set, material, power, and style.  Typical blade dimensions range from 10” – 20” in diameter.  Grill patterns, blade shapes, base styles, and height settings all vary as well to adapt with consumer preference.  Stand fans are great for any room in the home and particularly for cooling larger areas. 

Tower Fans

Tower fans have become more and more popular among consumers for their attractive, elegant appeal and space saving profile.  The elongated centrifugal blade design does not produce as much airflow as a traditional 16” stand fan, however, the profile allows consumers to use tower fans in areas where stand fans would normally not fit.  With a slim body design, Tower fans blend easily into any room décor and even become a conversational piece.  Features such as remote control, timer, and breeze settings have become standard, making Tower fans much more attractive than the traditional stand fan.    

Window Fans

JCS pioneered the development of the twin window fan, and we now offer the most comprehensive and extensive line of Window Fans in the marketplace.  Holmes window fans are available in three distinct styles; Twin (two blades), Streamline (single scroll or low profile), and Power (single larger blade).  Window fans offer a space-saving option to traditional Stand or Table and can conveniently draw in fresh cool air from outside or blow warm air out from within.  Perfect for use in the bedroom, our window fans are available with a range of features and innovation.  All Holmes window fans come with (1) adjustable and (2) slider-safe™ panels that allow them to fit virtually any window.

Outdoor Fans

Outdoor patio fans is a relatively new category that we entered into about three years ago.  The whole idea is for the product to provide a breeze when mother nature is not.  Because of the increase in outdoor living and the amount of money spent annually on outdoor patio and patio accessories we developed an outdoor patio fan line to complement outdoor décor.  We currently manufacture three chassis that are designed and built to withstand mother nature.  All chassis are UL approved for outdoor use and certain models include a bonus misting kit and/or storage cover.




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