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Tips for Getting Over the Post-Holiday Slump

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After all of the days and weeks of excitement leading up to the holiday season, it's easy for those winter blues to sneak in as soon as the last of the new year's confetti has been swept away. After so much time spent with friends and family, giving thanks and spreading holiday cheer, you may feel as though you've been left hanging once the holidays come to a close. The best way to combat the post-holiday slump is to harness all of those emotions and turn them into energy for tackling new projects, reorganizing and setting goals.

Start A New Project
The reason that January is the best time for setting goals and starting projects is because you have a full 12 months to accomplish them! A new year is the perfect time for finally organizing the boxes of family photographs you keep putting off. Purchase a scrapbook or photo album, decorative paper and embellishments and dedicate a few hours each month to putting the books together. By next year's holiday season you'll have a completed scrapbook that will make a great gift.

Create Weekly Events
Creating weekly events doesn't mean becoming a full-time party planner. Making weekly pick-me-ups for yourself is just a way to spice up the occasionally mundane style of daily life. For some people that may mean setting aside time to try out a new cookie recipe each week while others may opt for testing their skills with a novelty adventure such as rock climbing or boxing once a week. Monthly events work well too. Organize a pot-luck dinner with friends the first Sunday of each month or plan to see a new box office hit at the theater once a month.

Planning a weekend getaway with friends gives you something to look forward to during the bleak winter months.Planning a weekend getaway with friends gives you something to look forward to during the bleak winter months.

Plan A Weekend Getaway
You looked forward to the holidays for almost a month right? The planning, preparation and excitement of all things red, green and festive filled you with energy and purpose. Why not channel those same feelings by planning a weekend getaway to look forward to? Nothing breaks up the bleak months of late winter like a mini-vacation. And doing so doesn't mean you have to break the bank - there are plenty of inexpensive two- and three-day trips that you can plan for you and your family or friends. Do your research and you may even find a hidden gem not far from where you live. Who knows, it could even turn into a yearly event.

Give Your Home A Mini-Makeover
As cliche as it may sound, January is a great chance to start fresh. Bored of the paintings and decorations in your living room? Tired of your dull bathroom? Head to the store and stock up on redecorating supplies. Brighten up your bathroom with a fresh coat of a warm, bright hue such as orange or yellow. Explore new painting arrangements in your den or try out a colorful new rug with eccentric patterns. Even the smallest renovations can make a big impact.


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