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The Best Home Items for Regifting

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After the excitement of the holidays, many people realize they've wound up with several gifts that they just don't have any need for. Rather than wasting brand new gifts by packing them away in a closet, these items are ideal for the next birthday or celebration that comes up. Although not all gifts can be re-wrapped and presented to a friend, here is a list of the top items for regifting.

Kitchen Appliances
You may have lucked out this year and received a brand new blender or toaster oven just after your old one bit the dust. However, more often than not, kitchen appliances are gifts that seem useful but really just end up being returned or stored away in the basement. No one needs six wine openers or ten cutting boards - that's just excessive. Yet a new set of knives, a bright new state-of-the-art cutting board or a brand new pair of pots are excellent gifts to hold on to for that next housewarming party or wedding shower, or even for when your child moves into his or her first apartment.

Bottles of Wine
A popular gift to give during the holidays, a bottle of wine is one of the best items for regifting. If white wine isn't necessarily your favorite or you already have 13 bottles on your bar cart, don't open your new gift. The next time a friend is hosting a dinner party, place a new bow on the bottle and bring it as a gift. However, when it comes to regifting wine it's wise to be extra careful. If you've received a significantly rare or special blend of wine that's only sold in a remote region of the world, it's best not to regift that bottle. One reason is because it's likely worth a lot and best kept for yourself on a special occasion, but also because it would be quite easy for a recipient of the regift to discover that you didn't actually travel to said region to get the wine.

As long as it hasn't been opened, bottled wine is great for regifting.As long as it hasn't been opened, bottled wine is great for regifting.

The gift of a book is about as timeless as books themselves. In fact, a book is one of those gifts that actually has more meaning when it is regifted. After you've read a book and know someone who would love it just as much as you did, it means a lot to write a little note on the inside cover and wrap it up for that friend or family member. He or she will be much more touched than if they received a brand new item still in the box.


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