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How to Prepare Your Home for a Super Bowl Party

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If your team is in the Super Bowl this year, chances are you'll be inviting all of your family and friends over for an afternoon of eating, celebrating and cheering on your favorite players. Even if your team hasn't made it to the final game of the NFL season, the Super Bowl is still a great reason to host neighbors at your home. To make sure that your at-home tailgate party goes off without a hitch, consider these tips for preparing.

Football Themed Food
Any football celebration isn't complete without the classic appetizers and snacks. Chips and dip, chicken wings and hamburgers and hot dogs are all essentials for the tailgate. However, the Super Bowl calls for a little bit more festivity and creativity. Keep the classics but also whip up football-shaped finger foods, cupcakes with both team's logos and colors, or go all out with a fully decorated cake made to look like the stadium. Having stadium-style boxes of peanuts, mini pretzels and popcorn for guests to take to their seats is another nice touch. Miniature pizzas and sliders are sure to be a big hit as well.

Create a Winning Atmosphere
Your friends and family will want to feel like they're really at the stadium with thousands of others. Consider setting up stadium-style seating by rearranging your couches one behind the other and adding a row or two of chairs as well. Set up a bar or cooler of beverage selections for your guests to choose from. Accessories such as posters, foam fingers and horns are great gear for all of your fans to sport. You also want your guests to be comfortable. If the crowd gets rowdy and all of the guests start getting excited, it can get warm quickly. This is when it may be wise to bring out your dehumidifier to keep your die-hard fans comfortable.

Create a winning atmosphere by making your guests feel as if they're really at the Super Bowl.Create a winning atmosphere by making your guests feel as if they're really at the Super Bowl.

Get Crafty
This is a great opportunity to let your artistic side shine. Have fun with DIY decor with creations such as jersey coasters highlighting the top players' numbers, a chalkboard scoreboard, and penalty flag party favors. Make your own food cards, highlighting each of the appetizers available so that guests know exactly what they're getting. Be sure to pick up Super Bowl themed napkins, plates, and toothpicks with mini football flags on top to use for finger food.

Host a Series of Games
For guests who may not be as into the game as everyone else, host a series of games throughout the night. A popular idea for football games is to create a pool for all those who want to place a bet on the outcome of the game. Have each guest predict the winning team as well as the final score. Other fun party games include charades, cards, bingo and spoons. Keep a scorecard of everyone's results and have a prize for the overall winner at the end.


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