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How Does Pet Hair Affect the Quality of Your Home's Air?

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That first time you bring your adorable, innocent and still-wobbly legged, one-month old puppy home, it's hard to believe that he could every do anything wrong. However, you quickly learn otherwise as you walk into a damp puddle on the rug or witness that furry ball ripping up your favorite pillow. And that's not all that your pets are responsible for. As cute, lovable and cuddly as your favorite household animals are, they may be the reason behind your home's poor air quality.

Pet Dander
According to the American Lung Association, microscopic specks of skin coming from any animal with fur or feathers such as dogs, cats, rodents, birds and others, is considered pet dander. For some pet owners who are especially susceptible to allergies, these flakes of pet dander can provoke allergy triggers. Typically, cats are known to inflict more allergies than other animals. Contrary to what some may believe, animal fur itself is not an allergy trigger. However, pets may carry other sources of allergens, such as dust, in their fur and then transmit them into your home.

Air Quality
Due to their microscopic size, the dander that comes from pet fur and skin is extremely light and floats through air for extended lengths of time. It remains in the air of your home for even longer than allergens from cockroaches and dust mites. From there, they can land on a number of household surfaces such as tables, carpets, curtains, beds, couches, tabletops and more. These particles are quite easy to spread and can even be carried out of the home and into other buildings that aren't even known to have pets.

Your favorite fluffy friends may be the reason behind the poor quality of your air.Your favorite fluffy friends may be the reason behind the poor quality of your air.

Preventing Allergies From Pet Dander
Just because your favorite little cat or puppy is making your eyes water and nose run, doesn't mean you have to send him to another home. Frequently bathing your household pet is one method of pet dander prevention. For those in your home who are highly affected by pet dander, do not allow pets in their bedroom at any time. If it continues to be a problem, it's best to get air filters for your downstairs rooms. Using a HEPA air purifier in your home will help to make the quality of the air that your pets live in more comfortable for you and your family members.


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