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What's the Best Type of Heater for You?

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Late in the winter when the temperatures really start to dip you want to do all you can to keep your family comfortable and warm.  Luckily, heaters are designed to fit every space and everyone's needs. Find the one that's perfect for you and you'll be content all winter long.

"Use up to 33% less energy with the Eco-Smart™ feature."

For the Office Employee
In a perfect world, every employee in a given office building would be completely content and satisfied with the temperature while working at their desk. However, as today's workforce is well aware, that's rarely the case. While you could bring in your favorite throw or blanket for your desk, the more professional thing to do is to invest in a personal, portable heater. A perfect option for your desktop is the Holmes® Fan-Forced Heater with Eco-Smart™ Technology. Sleek and black, this heater subtly sits at your workstation to keep you warm and looking stylish at the same time.

What's more is the Eco-Smart™ feature uses up to 33 percent less energy than a traditional space heater. So not only are you staying warm, you're saving money as well.

For the Entire Family
Perhaps the room you're most concerned about during those brisk and frigid winter days is the one where your loved ones spend the most time, your family or living room. It's no fun to be wrapped up in three blankets while enjoying family time together.

For optimal warmth and satisfaction in your living areas, you'll want a heater that can handle heating a large space. Try out the Holmes® Quartz Tower Heater with Manual Controls to optimize your home environment with both style and functionality. The ambiance stays as is while the heater keeps everyone content and warm. Circulating pleasantly balmy air to create a cozy and snug environment, this design allows you to adjust the heat to exactly where you want it.

Keep your family warm and comfortable by finding the perfect heater for your home.Keep your family warm and comfortable by finding the perfect heater for your home.

For the Sleeping Beauty
It's important to get a restful night's sleep no matter what time of the year it is. If your vow to keep the home heat at a certain temperature in order to save money leaves you tossing and turning at night, it may be time to think about an alternative. Convection, ceramic tower and fan forced heaters are all ideal options for warming up your bedroom. With medium intensity, focused heat, you'll feel the welcomed warmth without compromising the quiet, as these heaters are effective in pre-heating your bedroom before you retire for the night.

For the Spa Treatment
Bathing routines in the winter can be more enjoyable in a warm, cozy bathroom. Forced fan heaters such as the Holmes® Bathroom Heater Fan with Preheat Timer are ideal for small bathroom spaces. This heater with an ALCI plug was specifically designed for the small room. By gently circulating heated air, this type of product is ideal for heating your bathroom while you're unwinding after a long day with a spa-like soak in the bathtub. By the time you're ready to step out and put on your bathrobe, the air will be at an optimal comfort level.

For Dad's Workshop or the Band's Practice Stage
In many homes, the garage doubles as dad's workshop or space for band practice. It's also commonly utilized as a home gym, game room, storage space or hang out spot. Because the garage is usually not connected to your home's heating system, that space can easily be kept comfortable with a space heater.

The Holmes® Infrared Quartz Tower Heater is ideal for your garage, basement or outdoor porch area. The heating components are comprised of exposed glowing tubes with metal reflector sheet to produce high intensity heat that feels sun-like. This heater is great for any size garage, medium to large, because it works to circulate warm air quickly and effectively. System operation is easy with just two different heat settings. Best of all, the band can rock on without you having to worry because this heater comes equipped with tip-over, overheat and manual user reset safety-features.

Keep your son and his band warm and comfortable while they practice in the garage.Keep your son and his band warm and comfortable while they practice in the garage.

For a detailed chart comparing heaters and room size, check out this article.


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