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How to Set the Mood for Your At-Home Valentine's Day Date

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If you and your loved one can't escape to a tropical island this Valentine's Day, the next best thing is a romantic date night right in your own home. Avoid the loud and crowded restaurants that take away any sort of romance on this special night and instead, turn your own place into a picturesque setting brimming with elegance, charm and mystique. Here's how to impress your special someone and express your love with an at-home date.

Prepare a Memorable Meal
Treat your dining room as though it is a romantic Italian restaurant tucked away on a side street of Rome. Or if you and your loved one have fond memories of sharing a dish of Pad Thai on the beaches of Southeast Asia, prepare a chef-inspired meal of fried noodles. Wherever your creative cooking takes you, the notion that it was made by you is special enough. For the big night, prepare courses accompanied with libations that pair well with each. To match the grand gesture of the meal, set the table with your nicest dinnerware. Use cloth napkins, elegant glasses and your best plates. Top if all off with a delicious dessert.

Prepare a memorable meal at home for your Valentine.Prepare a memorable meal at home for your Valentine.

Set the Scene
When it comes to perfecting a romantic evening, it's all about the ambience. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your air is fresh and comfortable. To ease the burden of dry winter air, consider turning on your humidifier for the evening. It's also important to ensure that your home doesn't smell of the dinner you just made, so turn on your air purifier as well. A vase of fresh flowers like roses not only gives off a romantic aroma, but also serves as a lovely display for the night. Scented candles are also a nice touch, in vanilla, amber or lavender. The temperature in your house should be just right, not too warm and not too cold.

Create the Mood
To create the ultimate mood for your at-home Valentine's Day date, dim the lights. Natural light, candlelight and flames from your fireplace are much more romantic than the glaring florescent lights in your home. Getting the fireplace going after you've finished dinner enhances the cozy and relaxed theme of the evening. Bring your loved one over to snuggle up in front of the fire as you sneakily reach for that box of chocolates you had hidden there. Chocolates are one of the best gifts for enjoying together.


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