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Home Air Purifier: Size Matters

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If you're concerned with the indoor air quality in your home, one of the first steps toward promoting wellness and a clean environment indoors is finding an air purifier that's right for you. Not only do should you consider a style to fit your lifestyle, but you want it to be effective as well. It's important to consider room size when deciding which type of air purifier to purchase, as proper air purification relies on it.

Consider these insider tips for finding the right fit. 

"Proper air purification relies heavily on room size."

Small Rooms
Air purifiers work to eliminate dust and allergens, reduce germs and remove odors. To get the most out of your air purifier in a small room - 155 square-feet or less - a desktop or mini tower design will work best. There are a variety of purifiers in these two categories to choose from, including ones with HEPA-Type filters as well as some with ultra-violet technology. Desktop and mini towers are more compact and therefore will be more aesthetically pleasing in small rooms such as your bathroom, study or walk-in closet.

Medium Rooms
Rooms that are larger, such as bedrooms and family rooms, require slightly larger products. For rooms in your home that are as large as 300 square-feet, purchasing a tower air purifier will be your best bet. Tall and slim in either black or white, these towers fit perfectly beside a couch or bedside table. Also, they're easy to move between rooms and can function in your living room by day and make you more comfortable as you sleep by night.

Get comfortable with the proper size air purifier for any room in your home.Get comfortable with the proper size air purifier for any room in your home.

Large Rooms
Large rooms and living spaces can also benefit from the tower air purifiers, or a console style works well in this size space. While larger, these air purifiers operate at low and quiet speeds so you and your family can enjoy fresher, cleaner air without noise distraction. With these air purifiers, you can enhance the air quality effectively in rooms up to 500-square feet.

For more information, check out this simplified chart on room size and devices.

A Little More to Keep in Mind
Once you've found the ideal air purifier for your home, it's important to remember several additional tips for promoting clean and fresh air. For optimal effectiveness, it is important to clean and replace air filters on a regular basis. Changing the filters in your home heating and cooling systems frequently is also recommended. Keep the use of irritants such as candles, smoke, cleaning products and scented products to a minimum and if possible, eliminate them altogether. 


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