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Don't Sacrifice Your Home Decor for Comfortable Air

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You've spent time fantasizing about your dream home, saving up for that ultimate plan and finally, months painting, decorating and furnishing your beautiful home. Now that you have your own place where you've always aspired it to be, you'll want to ensure that it's equally as comfortable as it is beautiful. So before settling in so fast, be sure to consider some additional items that make your home surroundings pristine and enjoyable.

Be sure to address indoor air quality, ensuring it's as clean and pure as possible. This is often overlooked, yet air quality makes a difference in how clean your home truly is. You wouldn't believe how much dust and dirt can quickly accumulate, even in the most immaculate homes. For everyday air quality upkeep, try placing a few air purifiers around your home. No matter what the size or style of your rooms, there's a Holmes® Air Purifier that's right for you.

Best Air Purifier for a Large Home
Clean air is especially important for families with children. For large living areas and dining rooms, you'll need an air purifier that can cover the space and really do its job. Consider investing in a sleek yet subtle design such as the Holmes® Large Room Allergen Remover Air Purifier Console with True HEPA Filter. Not only does this product remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens such as smoke, pet dander and dust, it also works effectively to remove household odors. The simple and square look of this product will match the interior of any large room in your home and can fit nicely next to couches, tables, chairs and shelves.

Bonus Tips For Cozy Family Rooms: When it comes to filling and decorating the inside of a large home it can sometimes be difficult to make it feel warm and cozy. Follow these tips for warming up a large home:

  • Colors and hues such as orange, yellow and red can immediately make a room feel warmer.
  • Consider creating a cozy nook or corner in one section of your living room by putting in a daybed under a window.
  • Add tall, potted plants to accentuate high ceilings and draw in someone's eyes.
  • Divide the room with curtains, L-shaped sections or long benches and coffee tables.
There are ways to make even the largest living area feel warm and cozy.There are ways to make even the largest living area feel warm and cozy.

Best Air Purifier For a Loft in The City
There's nothing quite as fabulous as your first studio apartment in the big city. There's something to be a said about a perfectly-decorated loft eight stories above the honking yellow taxis and delicious aromas of food vendors below. However, with all of the exhaust, pollution and city dust you'll need a little assistance from an air purifier if you want to breath better. The Holmes® Egg Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA-Type Filter is ideal for providing relief from irritants in small rooms. The small, subtle white design and shape of this device is perfect for fitting into any corner of your apartment. It operates quietly so that it'll easily blend in with the natural city noise below. It's unique design even serves as a great conversation piece for your next cocktail party or book club meeting.

Bonus Tips For Apartment Living: When it comes to city life and owning a small studio or flat, it's all about making the most of your small space. Here are several decorating tips to consider:

  • Sticking with light hues, shades and tones will make your living space appear larger than it actually is.
  • Adding long, full-length mirrors helps to visually expand any small room.
  • Get creative with storage spaces by utilizing the area under your stairs, below your bed and beneath couches.
  • Unique and funky decor, such as the egg-shaped air purifier, will truly enhance any small space.
Studio apartments allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to home decor.Studio apartments allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to home decor.

Best Air Purifier For a Small Country House
A small house out in the country may just be one of the coziest homes there is. No matter how removed from the city pollution you may be however, you still want clean, pure air to circulate through your home. For medium size rooms in your rustic house, consider an air purifier such as the Holmes® Mini Tower Air Purifier with Ultra-violet Technology. Its compact design is versatile and can work effectively in a number of rooms in your home.

Bonus Tips For A Country Home: Designing any home can add up quickly. Consider these insider tips for cost-effective ways to decorate your living space:

  • Hang large, bright, colorful, canvases on your walls for an eye-catching pop.
  • Another idea for decorating wall space is to hang a variety of colorful plates of all sizes in various patterns. Start with the most eccentric one in the center and build out from there.
  • Wicker furniture is inexpensive yet effective at adding an enhancing touch to a room. Place wicker furniture near sunlit windows.
  • Collect natural objects such as plants, shells, rocks and even branches to use as rustic decor on your mantle, steps or near your entryway.
Even the most remote country homes deserve a quality air purifier.Even the most remote country homes deserve a quality air purifier.

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