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Cleaning Up Your Home After a Party

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After a full evening of laughter, good food and drinks and time spent with close friends, the post-party blues can set in quickly after your guests have left. Add the large mess of a house you're likely left with after hosting and things can start to look pretty dim. However, cleaning up in a timely fashion is important for the comfort and wellness of your home. So turn on your favorite jams, put on comfortable clothes and follow these tips for getting your home back into tip-top shape.

Jump Right In
The task of tackling your entire home after a party can at first seem daunting. Sitting around and dwelling on the fact won't make it go away, so your best bet is to dive right in. Grab a large trash bag and pair of  cleaning gloves and start by throwing away all used trash such as plates, utensils, messy napkins and leftover snacks. For any cups that have liquid in them, dump them in your sink and then stack them on the counter. Rinse these cups and save any of the ones that are still in good shape. Gather and clear any other objects or personal belongings that have been left behind from your floors, tables and couches. Once all of the clutter is cleared away, you can sweep, mop and vacuum with much more ease.

Chances are, a good portion of the mess left from the celebrations can be recycled. Plastic cups and bottles, pizza boxes, aluminum cans and paper napkins can all be recycled and then reused to create new products. Any other items that are not terribly dirty and can safely be reused should be saved for your next gathering. If you've used washable tablecloths and cloth napkins, these can be washed, cleaned and folded up for later use as well.

Cleaning up after a party can be overwhelming, but with these tips you'll dive right in.Cleaning up after a party can be overwhelming, but with these tips you'll dive right in.

Deliver Leftovers
When it comes to leftovers you have a decision to make. You can either save every last morsel of food you've made or you can wrap up each dish and deliver them to neighbors, friends or a local shelter. That is if the dishes are in good shape of course. If there is only a few servings of a dip left, that's certainly not something you want to give to someone else. However, if you have a full second lasagna that hasn't been touched or almost a full plate of cookies, these are great surprises to deliver to someone else.

Seize the Opportunity
Above all, cleaning up after a large party can be an opportunity to deep clean those spaces that you don't normally get to. Maybe you haven't given your kitchen a deep clean in over a year or perhaps you've been putting off washing your living room rug. Since you're already dedicated to cleaning following a big party, it's the perfect time to take that mop and bucket out of the back of your closet and really get to it. Scrub the floors, dust your living room and vacuum all those spots you don't typically reach. When you finally sit down on the couch to admire all your hard work, you'll be happy that you did.


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