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Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo®

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Today, it's rare that someone keeps his or her smartphone far from reach. People can access the Internet, check email, make payments and more with the touch of a button, no matter where they happen to be. Now, with the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo®, people can rest easy knowing that they also hold the control to the comfort of their home in the palm of their hand.

Whether your main concern is allergen removal or smoke reduction, the device can help alleviate your worries. Equipped with true HEPA filtration, the air purifier captures up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles by air passing through the filter, reducing the amount of dust, pet dander, pollen, mold and smoke in your home. It performs all of the valuable functions of a top-of-the-line air purifier combined with the convenient, intelligent technology of being able to control it with a smartphone or tablet.

How it Works
With this Smart Air Purifier and the WeMo® App, you're able to customize your own run schedules and program them so it runs automatically. You can also place it on auto mode so it sets the speed based on the current air quality in your home. It even features the ability to notify you when the filter needs to be replaced, and you can order them right through the device. 

No longer do you have to worry about seasonal allergy threats and poor indoor air quality. This air purifier helps trap airborne pollutants, neutralize smoke and household odors and helps protect your household with minimal effort. It's never been easier to check and improve the conditions of your home to keep your loved ones comfortable. With the touch of a button, you can program the device to provide your family with clean, purified air.

Combating Seasonal Allergies
The No.1 most effective way to handle spring allergies this season is by purifying your air. By using the smart air purifier in your home, you'll be able to help alleviate irritating symptoms from allergies such as watery eyes, scratchy throats and bouts of sneezing and coughing. Your Holmes® Air Purifier will help to eliminate airborne allergens and create cleaner, purer indoor air. It also helps to keep windows in your home and car closed during peak pollen hours and when pollen counts are high.

Keep your home at your fingertips with the Holmes  Smart Air Purifier with WeMo Keep your home at your fingertips with the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo®

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