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What's Living in Your Pillowcase?

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At the end of a long day, all you want to do is get some rest in a comfortable, clean bed. But what you might not know is that despite its clean appearance, your bed could be home to a number of germs and particles. Your pillowcases especially can harbor certain irritants that interfere with your comfort, so it's important to change them frequently. Failing to do so could create an environment that aggravates existing allergies, contributes to acne breakouts and more. Here's what your bedding could carry if you don't stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

"Adults shed 1.5 grams of skin each day."

Skin Cells
Even regular showering and moisturizing won't keep you from shedding skin cells on a daily basis. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, a typical adult can shed 1.5 grams of skin each day. These skin cells inevitably wind up in your bedding, which can build up and attract dust mites.

Mold Spores
Your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night, which explains why some mornings you wake up in a sweat. This moisture can get trapped in your pillowcase and create a breeding ground for mold. Even if you run on the cooler side, it's important to stay cognizant of the chance of mold growth, as sweat isn't the only cause of a damp pillow. If you periodically go to bed with wet hair or a damp face, there could be some mold beneath the pillowcase. 

Pet Dander
If you let your pet cuddle up with you at night, you could be inviting even more irritants into your bed. Just like humans, animals shed skin cells every day, and while this alone can be irritating to people with allergies, it also attracts dust mites. Keep animals off the bed and be sure to protect your pillows and mattresses with a cover to reduce the buildup of these particles.


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