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How Humidity Helps Your Skin

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The summer is over, and that means you'll need to tweak your skin care regimen accordingly. When your skin is feeling dry and tight, your first instinct might be to continuously apply lotion throughout the day. While this is a logical solution to hydrate skin, it's not the only way you can lock in moisture. Running a humidifier at night can pump soothing steam into the air and keep your skin soft - even when the conditions outside are cold and harsh. Here's how it works.

It's All About the Air
It's no surprise that the air is typically dry during the cooler months. The natural moisture of your skin evaporates more quickly in these conditions, meaning your skin could look dull and feel itchy as a result of the changing season. When the air is moist, it's easier for your skin to stay hydrated and radiant. So, while applying lotion is an effective temporary fix, pumping moisture into the air is a way to improve the problem at its core. 

Humidity can help your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.Humidity can help your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

Moisture Means Fresh Skin Cells
During the summer when there's plenty of moisture in the air, your skin might look fresh and rejuvenated - and that's because moisture promotes skin cell turnover. Humidity in the air refreshes your skin and helps remove dry, dead skin cells that can make your complexion appear dull. Just be sure to exfoliate appropriately, as these skin cells can stick to the surface of your face and cause breakouts if you're not careful. After exfoliating, allow your skin to dry before applying a light lotion that will help keep you moisturized without going overboard. The result will be soft, silky skin that challenges the bitter cold of the winter months.


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