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How to Make Your Guests Comfortable This Thanksgiving

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When it comes to hosting a gathering, party or house full of guests this holiday season, it's all about making everyone feel at home. For friends and family who have traveled hundreds of miles for the celebration or for those from just down the street, making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable is easy to do.

The Kitchen
In most homes the kitchen doubles as the gathering spot for new arrivals. If your front door opens to your kitchen, you'll want to make sure that everything is neat and tidy when your guests arrive. Prepare as many of the main dishes and desserts as possible the night before. This will help to eliminate some of the clutter that cooking can cause. Creating a coffee station where guests can make their own cup of joe keeps them satisfied and makes less work for you.

The Living Room
When it comes to the living room, it's all about comfort. You want your guests to feel happy and relaxed while enjoying a drink with friends and family. For a cozy setting, get the fireplace going and be sure that the couch pillows have been recently fluffed. Fresh air is also key for a comfortable living room. Keep a humidifier or air purifier in the room to promote a clean and pleasant feel that everyone will enjoy.

Make your home inviting and comfortable for your guests this holiday season.Make your home inviting and comfortable for your guests this holiday season.

The Guest Room
If you are hosting guests from out of town who will be staying over, be sure to have your guest bedroom or spare room prepared before they arrive. Having fresh sheets and pillowcases as well as a cozy comforter will make them feel right at home. For the convenience of your guests, leave a set of bath towels and soaps on the bed. Keeping a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom is a great way to make your guest feel relaxed and comfortable.

The Dining Room
For an inviting dining room, as well as for your own convenience while hosting, have the dinner table set before your guests arrive. Candles, festive decorations and place settings will create a warm and merry environment. If you have a large group of children attending this year's celebration, it may be more comfortable for everyone to create a separate kids table. Using name cards will also help your guests feel welcomed and it will allow for a smoother transition from the living room to the dinner table when the meal is ready.


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