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How to Get Rid of Lingering Turkey Smells

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During the week of Thanksgiving the mouthwatering aroma of potatoes, turkey, gravy and freshly baked pies is a welcomed scent. The spices and savory flavors mean that the big day is almost underway. However, chances are that by day two of leftover-turkey sandwiches, that lingering turkey smell is the last thing you want in your kitchen. The good news is that there are a number of ways to beat that lingering odor.

Fresh Air
One of the best ways to beat an unwanted odor in your kitchen or home is by creating a flow of fresh air. Even though it may be chilly outside, temporarily open your kitchen windows to let in that refreshing outdoor air. As it blows through your kitchen it will take with it some of that lingering smell.

Homemade Remedies
Another recommended remedy for getting rid of kitchen smells involves boiling water on your stovetop. One method is to add lemon and orange peels to the boiling water, creating a lovely aroma that will fill your kitchen and cover up that turkey smell. For a remedy that doesn't smell quite as nice, boil a pot filled halfway with water and halfway with vinegar. If you're a fan of the vinegar method but don't want to leave a pot of water boiling on your stove, you can also leave a small dish of vinegar on your counter overnight. Additionally, cinnamon is a great spice for covering up kitchen odors.

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to have your kitchen smelling great again is by simply lighting a candle. Pick your favorite scented wick, grab a match and light a candle and your kitchen will be smelling great again in no time. Putting a HEPA air purifier in your kitchen is another easy way to promote comfortable air.

A fresh plate of warm cookies is a sure way to beat that lingering turkey smell.A fresh plate of warm cookies is a sure way to beat that lingering turkey smell.

Bake Something New
A creative and tasty way to get rid of that Thanksgiving aroma is by getting back to work in the kitchen. Think of it as an excuse to bake a tasty treat for your friends and family. A warm pumpkin bread or fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies will fill your cooking space with an irresistible scent. Not only will your nose be relieved to be rid of the smell, but your taste buds will be happy too.


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