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How to Fight Dry Air and Other Winter Troubles

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While winter brings with it some of the most festive holidays, beautiful snowy scenery and lots of reasons for celebrating, there are also several troubles that come with this season. The good news is that there are many remedies for battling everything that winter brings.

Fight Dry Winter Air
Dry winter air may be one of biggest nuisances of winter. It has the potential to dry out your skin and sinuses and leave your skin feeling extra dry. The good news is that there are ways to beat the dry air. By wearing a scarf or neck warmer that covers your lips when you walk outdoors you can help ease the dryness of chapped lips. Applying a lip balm each day will help to lock in moisture. Lathering a moisturizing lotion on dry areas will help combat dry skin. When indoors this winter, a humidifier can promote more comfortable air.

Lip balm is a great way to prevent dry and chapped lips in the winter.Lip balm is a great way to prevent dry and chapped lips in the winter.

Brave the Cold
Just because the temperatures are dropping, it doesn't mean you have to feel a constant chill. Spice up your winter wardrobe with essentials that will keep you warm even on the coldest day. A long, down coat is a great investment that is sure to block out the elements. Furry boots, fluffy scarves and cozy sweaters are also must-haves for your closet this winter. These items will keep you warm and looking great.

Beat the Winter Blues
When the sun starts setting before you've even left the office and the gloomy weather feels as though it will never end, it's easy to get down. The best way to fight those dreary thoughts are by replacing them with festive ones! Get in the holiday spirit early and busy yourself by planning, prepping and shopping. There's no doubt that a winter's day out on the town, with the holiday tunes coming through every car and store radio, will instantly boost your mood.


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