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Fireplace Safety Tips During the Holidays

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Your fireplace is sure to be a popular place to gather around during the holiday season. Whether it's to warm up after a night of caroling out in the cold or to sit around with friends and family to enjoy some good food, it's important to follow several fireplace safety precautions.

Safety Checks
Each season, all heating systems and fireplaces should be cleaned out before being used. Maintenance checks by professionals are essential to ensuring a safe season of heating. Checking the batteries of all fire alarms and carbon monoxide alerts in your home is also advised. It's also best to keep a fire extinguisher nearby the room with a fireplace.

Fireplace Tips for Hosting Guests
Lighting the fire is a festive way to create a warm and calming environment when hosting guests during the holiday season. To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always be sure that the fire screen or gate is in place when a fire is burning. Keep an extra eye on all young children attending your celebration and be sure that they do not play too close to the fire and that they are never left alone near it.  Ask guests to refrain from dancing, sitting or standing too close to the fire. Be sure that the fire is completely out before everyone goes to bed or leaves the house.

Following proper fireplace safety will ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season for everyone.Following proper fireplace safety will ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season for everyone.

Holiday Gifts and Decorations
The most important thing to remember during the holiday season is to avoid placing any decorations on or around your fireplace. Most decorative materials are highly flammable and even if they are several feet away from the fire, they still pose a risk. To prevent a fire hazard, keep your Christmas tree as far away from your fireplace as possible. Boxed and wrapped gift boxes and presents are highly combustible and should be kept several feet away from your fireplace as well as any other heating source in your home. Additionally, never hang stockings from a burning fireplace.

What to Burn and What Not to Burn
The only kind of wood that you should be burning in your fireplace is seasoned dry firewood. Never burn your Christmas tree in your home fireplace after the holiday season is over. It is not dry enough to be burned inside the home and has the potential to provoke unhealthy air if it catches fire. It is also important to avoid burning any leftover gift wrapping in your fireplace. Most wrapping papers are not the same as plain paper products because they contain additional chemicals and plastics. If burned, they can trigger unhealthy air in your home.


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