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Do Your Pets Carry Allergens?

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Your fluffy friend may be your best pal, your most loyal companion and so much more, but there's a chance that your cat or dog may be the cause behind your itchy eyes, running nose or sneezing. If you have recently added a new pet to your family and either you or another member of your family begins experiencing any allergy symptoms, you may find yourself wondering if your new furry animal carries any allergens. However, that doesn't mean you must find a new home for him or her. There are several ways to live comfortably under the same roof.

Improving the Environment
If one member of the family in particular is experiencing allergy symptoms, the first step is to make that person's bedroom off-limits to your pet. Allergens can collect in heavy fabrics such as rugs and curtains, so reducing the amount of fabric in your home can help reduce the areas in which those allergens can live. Installing air purifiers throughout your home can reduce the number of airborne particles and make your home more comfortable. It's important for everyone to be breathing in fresher air. Vacuuming often will also help to reduce a number of allergens from your home. HEPA air purifiers are also great for homes with pets.

There are ways to live comfortably with your pet, even if they carry allergens.There are ways to live comfortably with your pet, even if they carry allergens.

Taking Care of Your Pet
There are also several things that you can do to your fluffy friend to bring down the number of allergens that he or she may carry. Frequent baths, as often as weekly, have been known to make a difference as allergens often accumulate in pets' fur. If you are bathing your animal often, it's best to use a shampoo that won't dry your dog out. Brushing your animal's fur is also helpful, but is best done outdoors instead of in the home.

Taking certain precautions will make it easy and comfortable for you and your pet to live happily under the same roof.


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