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Air Quality Feng Shui [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Decorating to your taste, displaying photographs and family memorabilia, and maintaining a clean and comfortable home is all a part of what makes it feel like just that - a home. Also important to making your house feel homey is keeping the air quality fresh. But don't think that you need an expensive system to do so. There are a number of natural ways to make your house and the air you breathe feel light and airy.

Air Purifiers and Houseplants
It's common for dust, pollen and other allergens in the air to hinder the quality of your household air. Using an appliance, even a small one such as a HEPA air purifier, can make a difference. It works to reduce those allergens like mold and pet dander and will make for a more comfortable home environment.

Chances are, you already have a number of decorative household plants around your kitchen, living room and maybe even in your bedroom. Believe it or not, plants such as aloe vera, golden pothos and spider plants have been shown to improve air quality. Bringing some greenery into your home will not only add decoration, it will help with household air quality as well!

Airflow and Toxins
Fresh air from outside is good for you and for your home. When it's temperature-appropriate, keep your windows open during the day to let in the fresh air. This airflow will help the quality of air in your home stay fresh and comfortable. Avoid blocking the airflow with bulky blinds or curtains. It's also important to be aware of what outside products you let into your home. Old, secondhand furniture may contain materials that could emit toxins if they break. Cleaning products can also release toxins so be sure to read each product carefully.


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