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4 Tips for Dusting

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No matter how frequently you vacuum or how much time you spend tidying up your home every week, dust is inevitable. It can collect on tables, windowsills and in the corners of every room. Don't let it pile up. Even if nobody in your household has allergies, dusting regularly will help keep your home as clean and comfortable as possible. Here's how to dust properly and efficiently.

"Dust your home once each week."

1. Dust on a Schedule
The more frequently you dust, the less likely it is to pile up and become a greater task when the time comes. Aim for dusting the rooms in your home once each week, and group it in with other housekeeping chores so it becomes a routine.

2. Get Creative
When dusting areas that are difficult to reach, you'll need to get creative. After all, climbing up a ladder to dust your ceiling fan with a standard duster can be tricky - not to mention, it can cause you to inhale all of the particles that fall down. Instead, try removing dust with damp cloths so it doesn't become airborne. Even better, slip old pillow cases around each blade to contain particles and make for easy clean up.

3. Work Your Way Down
For the sake of finishing your dusting responsibilities as quickly as possible, you might be tempted to start dusting at the point where you first notice the buildup. However, this isn't the best idea, as particles will fall from higher areas as you dust them and land on sections that you may have already finished. Instead, start at the ceiling and work your way down to the corners of the room. This way, you only have to do it once and you can rest assured that you're cleaning as efficiently as possible.

Consider covering your couch.Consider covering your couch.

4. Stop it Before it Starts
To reduce dust from forming in the first place, you just need to make a few changes to your home. For one, clear out the clutter. Fewer objects around your home means less of a chance of dust collection. Also, switch up your furniture. The Connecticut School Indoor Environment Resource Team recommended covering couches and chairs with vinyl so dust doesn't collect as easily. if you have children, you may want to wash stuffed animals and other fluffy objects to prevent dust from settling in the fibers.


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