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Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

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Whether you're just swapping out your cool weather clothing for lighter items or you've just reached a breaking point with the size of your wardrobe, you'll need to seriously declutter your closet. This could be seen as a therapeutic process for some, but for others it's a project that requires a good deal of time and effort.

However, all of your hard work will be worth it. Not only is a cluttered closet unsightly, but it can also harbor irritating dust, which the National Institutes of Health noted is a major irritant for people with asthma. Fortunately, there are many ways to streamline the process of organizing your wardrobe. Here's how to take the headache out of decluttering.

Mess it Up
Depending on how cluttered your closet currently is, the process of cleaning it out could get a little messy. Keep in mind that it's going to get worse before it gets better. To truly clean up your closet, you'll need to take everything out first. If you simply try to select items you no longer want or need, you're bound to skip some over and not give it as thorough a purge as you should. Take out every article of clothing, remove each crate and purge every shoe and accessory that's currently in your closet. Take a good look inside at what remains - you might be surprised at how large the space really is.

Separate into Piles
Once everything is removed from your closet, start separating the heap of clothing and objects into piles: One to keep in the closet, a second to store away for another season, a third to donate and a fourth to discard. Try to work as quickly as possible - not just for the sake of saving time, but also to better guide you. When it comes to giving items away, you should listen to your first impulse. If you think about it for too long, you could convince yourself to keep something that you'll continue to never wear. 

Keep all of your jeans together.Keep all of your jeans together.

Group Similar Items Together
Take a look at what remains, and group it together by item. Keep jeans in one section, put all of your button downs in another, and so on. By doing this, you'll be able to see exactly what you have. You may not have realized it as you were going through each item one by one, but doing this exercise will reveal any unnecessary duplicates that you might have. Do you have seven black long sleeved shirts that basically look the same? Get rid of half of them. Before you know it, you'll reduce your wardrobe even further and wind up with more space in your closet for more exciting pieces.

"Use organizers that hang on the back of your door."

Invest in Space Savers
Even after following all of these purging tips, you may still struggle to find space. There are many products on the market that were invented for instances like these where you need to condense a pile to fit it comfortably in your closet or somewhere else around your room. Clothes hangers that are meant to hold multiple items can add significant space to your clothes rack. Just be sure to group similar items together and keep every article of clothing easily accessible so you don't create any headaches in the name of space. 

When it comes to scarves, belts, shoes and other smaller accessories, you might want to consider organizers that hang on the back of your door. This will keep shoes off the floor and make it easier to keep pairs from separating or getting buried. It will also organize scarves so they're not just rolled up and stuffed in a drawer that's difficult to sift through in a hurry. Instead, you can neatly fold up a scarf, place it in a pocket of the organizer and grab it whenever you need it. 


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