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Summer Cleaning Tips

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Every season brings certain cleaning struggles. You might take extra caution to ensure you don't track in snow or road salt into your home in the winter, and you might give your laundry room some TLC when your kids go back to school in the fall and have sports equipment that needs cleaning. During the spring, you might devote a good deal of time to clearing out the clutter.

Now that's it's summertime, you'll want to shift your cleaning priorities around a bit. With all of the extra time you and your family spend outside this season, there's bound to be some serious messes to clean up around your home. Here are the cleaning guidelines to follow these next few months:

Keep your washing machine clean.Keep your washing machine clean.

Clean Your Washing Machine
The extreme heat and humidity of the summer makes the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. A buildup of these germs could mean irritating particles winding up in the air and on your clothes - and it could also make for a smelly washing machine. Fortunately, you don't need to do much intense cleaning to keep the irritants and smell at bay. Try simply pouring a cap full of detergent into an empty load and running a cycle to clean the machine. Do this once a month during the summer to keep smelly mold and mildew to a minimum.

Wipe Down Seasonal Equipment
Summer activities are often water-based and outdoors, which means a nice mix of mud and grime is sure to end up on all of your equipment. Additionally, the chance of fungus growth is increasingly looming. Pool and beach equipment, like floaties and beach and table umbrellas, can harbor moisture that leads to mold and mildew. Wipe down all of your supplies with a cloth soaked in vinegar to break through the grime and keep your summer equipment in top shape. 

Your patio furniture can also get dirty when it's sitting outside all season. You can either wipe these down the same way you would other belongings, or you can power wash them with water. Purchase an attachment that hooks up to your hose and devote an hour of your weekend to spraying your outdoor furniture to keep it clean.

"Keep all of the sand at the beach."

Banish Sand 
Trips to the beach are a great way to bond with your family members and friends and enjoy the warm weather. However, it's nearly impossible to keep all of the sand at the beach. It's bound to end up in your car, on your carpeting in your home and in strategic spots in your bedroom and bathroom. No matter how well you vacuum and dust, you're sure to see little pebbles in every corner in the months that follow. 

There are some best practices for keeping sand from traveling home with you. For starters, have everyone hose themselves down before even stepping foot in the car. Some public beaches have outdoor showers that allow you to conveniently rid your body and beach equipment of sand before loading up your vehicle. If you can't find one, the next best thing are baby wipes. Use them on your feet, beach chairs and coolers. Also, vigorously shake out clothing and towels, and clap your shoes together to remove excess sand. When you get home, keep all of the equipment outside or in the mud room. Once you bring it indoors, you're bound to carry in some sand as well. One by one, give each item one last shake before cleaning it properly and returning it inside.


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