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How to Eat Ice Cream without Making a Mess

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In honor of National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, your freezer is probably stocked with all different types of ice cream flavors and brands. It's a classic sugary treat to enjoy in the summer. But there's a very fine line between eating your favorite ice cream and wearing it. No matter what your age, you're never immune to the melted, messy disaster that ice cream can be. Follow these tips for the cleanest execution of all time so you can truly enjoy the holiday.

"Your ice cream can make a mess before you even take a bite."

1. Store Properly
Your ice cream can make a mess before you even take a bite of it. Before storing in the freezer, place the entire carton in a plastic bag. This way, you won't have any spills, and when you're defrosting it, any drips from the melted ice cream won't leave the bag. You're already avoiding some serious messes! As a bonus, this trick will also help prevent freezer burn. 

2. Serve in Bowls
There's nothing like a few scoops of ice cream resting on top of a sugary, crunchy cone. But when you're battling the heat of the summer, the joyful experience can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly. Serve ice cream in bowls for some added security, and keep extra napkins on hand in case even a bowl isn't enough to contain the mess. If you need a cone to truly enjoy ice cream, simply throw it on top.

Make a frappe for easy eating.Make a frappe for easy eating.

3. Turn it into a Drink
Frappes and milkshakes are tasty - and also relatively clean. When you want to serve ice cream to your guests but don't want to deal with spills or any extra cleanup, simply blend it into a sugary frozen treat. In a blender, place a few scoops of ice cream, a splash or two of milk and a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup for a no-fuss frappe that everyone will love. Switch up the ratios according to your preferences and pour into cups with straws to serve. There will be no melting, no drips and absolutely no complaints. 

4. Take it Outside
The easiest way to deal with the mess of ice cream is to enjoy it outdoors. If anything spills, it won't require immediate cleanup. You'll get to enjoy the sunny day and pay no mind to the drips and spills that are bound to happen with the classic summer dessert.


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