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How To Choose A Humidifier

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There's no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting a humidifier. The best device for you varies from one household to another, and requires you to identify your needs, budget, lifestyle and other important components. Consider these factors when choosing a humidifier to make sure it satisfies all of your requirements.

Identify Your Needs
Whether it's convenience, maximum moisture or noise cancelation that's most important to you, it's necessary to identify your reason for making the purchase before deciding on a humidifier. Some come equipped with technology that allows you to program your humidity levels on the go, others are powerful enough to provide moisture to a large room and some are quieter than others. Reflect on what you need and find a device that accomplishes those goals.

"Depending on your climate, you might want either warm or cool mist."

Select the Right Type of Mist
Depending on your climate, you might want either warm or cool mist. Those in warm, dry climates may opt for cool mist so it doesn't counteract the cooling methods that are in place within the home. On the other hand, those who want to pump moisture into their homes during the cold, dry winter should go with warm mist, as it can help add soothing steam to the room while also keeping it warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Decide on Its Location
The size of the room plays a big role in the right selection of a humidifier. Larger rooms will need bigger devices that are equipped to produce the necessary moisture for the entire space. Similarly, it wouldn't be logical to get a large device for a small room. Stick to tabletop humidifiers or other small versions that can fit comfortably in the room without taking up too much space.

Set A Budget
The price of your humidifier largely depends on its features. There are many models available that can fit into different budgets, so consider what you'd like to get from your device and invest accordingly. 

Program your humidifier on the go.

Consider Your Lifestyle
Those with especially busy schedules may want to opt for a device that is easily programmable and can be controlled no matter where they happen to be. If this sounds like you, a humidifier like the Holmes® Smart Humidifier with WeMo® gives you the ability to adjust settings from your smartphone or tablet so you always walk into a comfortable room. Whether you're at the office or out running errands, you can check the humidity levels in your home and change them accordingly.

Choose the Noise Level
While there are many high-end humidifiers that are almost noiseless, some people like the soothing sound of water bubbling and steam filling the air. The white noise can help those with trouble getting to sleep, as it can drown out the sound of loud neighbors or a snoring partner. If this is a concern for you, it may be beneficial to find a humidifier that can also double as a noise canceler.


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