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7 Natural Remedies for Cold Symptoms

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No matter how hard you try to stay healthy, a cold is sometimes inevitable - especially in the colder months when the air is dry and you're cooped up indoors with others who may be sick. You don't necessarily need to purchase medicine or the best supplements you can find to shorten your sickness. Many of the best treatments are natural and can be found in your home. Try some of these easy approaches to getting well soon.

"Steam can help ease sore throats and stuffy noses."

1. Steam
Humidity can help keep your nasal passageways moist and reduce your chances of getting a cold in the first place. It can also help ease sore throats and stuffy noses when you're sick. Try taking warm showers and running a humidifier throughout the night to combat irritating dryness in the air. The Holmes® Cool Mist Humidifier also contains an Antimicrobial Product Protection Additive, which can prevent bacteria from forming on the device.

2. Salt Water
A nasty cold typically comes along with excess phlegm and sore, irritated throats as a result of postnasal drip. One quick and easy way to ease this discomfort is with two simple ingredients that you already have lying around your house: salt and warm water. Add a few teaspoons of salt into a glass of warm water and gargle the solution several times throughout the day. Doing so will provide temporary pain relief and help remove some of the troublesome phlegm in the back of your throat.    

3. Warm Compresses
When you have a cold, you tend to ache all over. A comforting massage can help ease muscle pain, but that's not always possible. Try using heating pads to soothe aches and eliminate those bothersome chills you might get every now and then. On the other hand, if you're running a slight fever, it might be best to switch to cold compresses. Place them on your forehead or under your arms for immediate relief.

4. Nose Irrigation
It may sound unpleasant, but irrigating your nose can make a major difference and alleviate some of the discomfort brought on by nasal congestion. There are some products designed specifically for this process, but if you need relief fast and don't have the right devices on hand, try simply using a paper cup filled with warm salt water. Squeeze the rim of the cup together so it comes to a point and, tilting your head forward and to the side, slowly pour the solution into your nose. Keep your mouth open and let the water run through one nostril and out the other. Repeat on the other side, and it should help temporarily clear out the congestion.

Rest is essential to getting over a cold.

5. Sleep 
There's a lot that can be gained from a good night's sleep. While you're down for the count, your body works to repair itself and ward off infection, so it only makes sense that getting a few extra hours of sleep when you're sick can help shorten your sickness. If you're having trouble getting rest because of your cold symptoms, try taking drowsy medicine and sipping some chamomile tea to encourage sleep and recover more quickly.

6. Fluids
Tea isn't the only kind of fluid you should be drinking when you're sick. Warm soup, juice and water are all necessary for staying hydrated and flushing out toxins that are contributing to your illness. Plus, when you're hydrated, your mucus becomes thinner and easier to remove. Fluids are essential to getting over a cold, so make sure there's always some sort of healthy drink close-by to sip on throughout the day.

7. Menthol Rubs
Rubbing menthol on your chest and below your nose can help open and clear passageways and make it easier to breathe when you're stuffed up. Keep it handy when you're feeling congested, but be sure to only apply it externally.


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