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Why are a Christmas Tree's Pine Needles One of Our Favorite Smells?

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When it comes to our senses, scent may just be the most powerful memory-provoking one that we have. The smell of a soft summer rain can instantly bring back a flood of childhood memories. The aroma of freshly baked cookies may make you long for your grandmother's famous batch. Fresh-cut grass can immediately evoke a longing for adolescence - pickup soccer games, long summer days and endless neighborhood games. For many, the smell of sunscreen arouses a nostalgia like no other. It's easy to understand how a Christmas tree's pine needles can do the same.

An Unofficial Kickoff
The overarching reason that pine needles may be a favorite scent is because they signal the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year - the holiday season. Each year families and friends venture out into the holiday rush to pick out the perfect tree. Stepping onto the Christmas tree farm, the sight and smells immediately bring about that feeling of holiday cheer. Whether the trees are fir, spruce or pine, the aromas of earthy mulch, sweet tree sap and fresh pine needles are enough to put our sense of smell into overload. Paired with a delicious mug of warm hot chocolate or a minty candy cane, the adventure of bringing home the Christmas tree marks the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season.

The fresh and natural smell of a Christmas tree's pine needles is a season favorite.The fresh and natural smell of a Christmas tree's pine needles are a season favorite.

The Smell of Home
Cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg and gingerbread are just a few of the best scents of the holiday season. Yet there's something special that sets the smell of pine needles apart. As your grow older, visits home may grow more and more infrequent but a visit during the holiday season is always a given. Growing up, the smell of pine needles was likely a familiar scent in the home for almost an entire month and the Christmas tree was often the living room center piece during the holiday season. The festive scent is a favorite because it often reminds us of loved ones, holidays and of home. It symbolizes tradition, celebration and family. Even just the vision of a Christmas tree through a snowy window can evoke a sense of warmth and happiness. 

Fresh and Natural
The natural aroma of the cold outdoors during the wintertime is a highly recognizable one. It's easy to see the red cheeks, feel the cold skin and hear the frigid breathing, but it's also possible to truly smell the chill of the winter on our family and friends as they burst into the warmth of our home, longing for a respite from the outdoors. The same goes for the natural Christmas trees that you bring into your home. Not only do they carry that familiar cold winter smell, they also hold that fresh and natural aroma. Similar to the lovely aroma brought by a bouquet of fresh flowers, pine needles deliver a similar natural scent that fills the entire home. The best thing about the smell of pine needles is that they last all season long.


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