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What to Know About Holiday Decorations

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Decorating is a fun and festive way to get ready for the holiday season. From colorful lights, scented candles and boxes of ornaments and holiday displays, there are endless ways to fill your home with holiday cheer. However, several of these decorations have the potential to affect the quality of your air. Climbing up into your attic to bring down the boxes of seasonal decorations may provoke dust mites and other allergens. After being stored away tightly for almost a year, boxes of lights may also contain an abundance of dust. The good news is that a few simple tips and alternatives can help you to avoid a bout of allergies during the holiday season.

Tips for Storing and Unpacking Decorations
When it comes time to unpack all of last season's festive treasures, it may be wise to wear a dust mask. Turning on your humidifier or air purifier while unpacking dusty boxes may also help to make the air feel more comfortable. Wiping down each decorative item as you unpack will help to eliminate allergens in the air. And when the season is over and it comes time to store them all over again, clean and wipe all decorations again before sealing them up for the year. If possible, store decorations in a dry place.

There are lots of tips for storing and unpacking holiday lights each season.There are lots of tips for storing and unpacking holiday lights each season.

Festive Scents and Smells
No matter how great they may smell, sometimes scented potpourri, seasonal smelling candles and holiday fragrance air sprays may irritate the throat and nose. Even the popular holiday plant, the poinsettia, may lead to allergy symptoms. As an alternative, make your own potpourri. That way you will be fully aware of each ingredient and choose ones that won't bother your senses. When it comes to candles, choose natural smelling ones and try to stay away from obscure scents like gingerbread and chocolate cookie swirl.

Natural Homemade Decorations
The best way to avoid any possible problems with decorations this year is to create your own natural ones. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to seasonal ways to decorate your home. Try these ideas for your next party or gathering:

  • For a creative and festive centerpiece, gather pine cones, acorns, small apples, chestnuts, pine and any other natural treasures. Add them all to a glass vase, add in some gold sparkles and you've got a one-of-a-kind decorative piece.
  • If pine needles bother you, opt for a natural wreath this season. Layer and glue 15 to 20 pieces of sliced wood, about 2 inches wide, in a wreath formation, add in some green and red or blue ribbon and hang the ornament on your front door for all to see.
  • Purchase a set of plastic ball ornaments that are easily opened and closed. Fill them with anything from fake snow to chocolate treats and hang throughout your home.
  • To spice up a plain candle, fill the candle jar with seasonal cranberries for a pop of color.
  • You can never go wrong with festive artificial flowers. Find a seasonal bunch and they'll last all the way until next year!

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