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Making Your Home Comfortable for Visitors

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Expected or unexpected, the holiday season is the time of year when friends, neighbors and extended family members are always showing up at your doorstep. Whether they're out of town relatives staying for the entire week of Christmas or friends from down the street stopping by for a cup of coffee, it's important to have your home ready for guests.

Provide a Selection of Coffee
It goes without saying that you should offer your guests a glass of water or cup of coffee as soon as they've taken off their coats. If you're planning on having several visitors during the holiday season it may be best to set up a self-serve coffee station. This takes some of the burden off of you and also creates a nice touch of hospitality. Arrange a display of different coffee varieties, tea bags and even some hot chocolate. Set up a collection of festive mugs, small stirring spoons, milk, sugar and napkins and when your visitors arrive all you have to do is point them in the right direction.

Create a festive coffee station for your guests to enjoy.Create a festive coffee station for your guests to enjoy.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere
As a good host, it's important to make your friends and neighbors feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment they walk into your home. Hang up their jackets, offer them a seat in your living room and ask if you can get them anything. If you're expecting guests to stay for a long time, think about getting the fireplace going and turning on some background holiday music. Bring out a tray of snacks, cookies or fruit for guests to munch on while you chat and catch up. 

Establish a Guestroom
For family and friends who are coming for an extended length of time, prepare a guest bedroom. If you don't have an extra bedroom, consider moving one of your children in with a sibling for the duration of their stay. There's nothing worse than a guest feeling as though they don't have their own personal space while visiting. Prepare the guest bed with clean sheets, comfortable pillows and fluffy blankets. Leave out a set of shower and bath towels and small toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner and body lotion.

Stock Up on their Favorites
Do your research ahead of time. Is there a certain kind of wine that your aunt loves? Is a young cousin allergic to anything? For guests staying at your home for longer than a day, it's courteous to have their favorite food and drink items on hand. Stock up on a selection of beers and wines, soft drinks and juices. Provide a selection of breakfast options that are sure to suit everyone's tastes. When you have something for everyone, it makes for a successful visit.


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