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How to Keep the Winter Elements Out of Your Home

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The first few snowfalls of the season are usually given an enthusiastic welcome after several months of warm, bright air. And while the fluffy white snow is nice for a while, it can quickly become ugly and dirty as the winter goes on. In addition to messy snow, dry air, icy steps and other winter elements can impact your home during this time of year. Consider the following tips for maintaining a clean and happy home.

Keeping on Top of the Snow
As snow piles up and the plows push it into heaps on the sidewalk, things start to get tricky. The paths and walkways accumulate a slushy mess of snow mixed with dirt, sand and other elements. This mess can easily be tracked into your home if you're not careful. Staying on top of your shoveling each time the flakes accumulate will help keep the snow from piling up. This will also help to eliminate the snow from freezing over if the temperatures really start to drop. To prevent icy steps, pour salt over the wet, snowy patches.

Keep the mess of those snowy winter boots out of your home.Keep the mess of those snowy winter boots out of your home.

Keeping Out the Mess
When it comes to keeping your floors and rugs clean, a shoe rack is a necessity in the winter. Removing boots and shoes at the doorway is the only way to eliminate slushy snow, dirt, tiny pebbles and salt from getting tracked through your home. Boot trays are also great and you can even make one out of a baking sheet. Microfiber rugs are also good for a mudroom. After removing your boots, walking across these rugs help to keep your feet dry and prevent you from slipping in wet spots. Keeping a mop by the doorway during this time of year will also be useful.

Keeping Out the Dry Air
When your home is closed up in the winter to keep out the chilly wind, dry air gets trapped inside. Dry skin, chapped lips and a scratchy throat may result from the the lack of moisture in the air. Opening a window every now and then will let some of the natural, fresh air into your home. Heating systems will suck a lot of the moisture out of your home so it's important to take action to bring the humidity level back up. Use a warm mist humidifier in your home to bring comfort and ease after a long day out in the cold.


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