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How to Reorganize Your Garage

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If your garage is a general dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a spot inside your home, it may be time to do some rearranging. The summer is the perfect time to organize the contents of your garage because you can comfortably leave the door open while you rearrange, and you can even have a yard sale at the end of it. Not to mention, you likely have some extra time to get everything done. So, clear your schedule one Saturday and get to work! Here are some tips for streamlining the process.

Start With a Clear Canvas
Remove everything from your garage to get started. This way, you'll be able to see everything you actually have, and you'll have a better idea of what can be tossed and what needs to stay put. From there, you can put everything back in a way that will make more sense when navigating through the space. This will make it easier to remove clutter and decide what should be put in a yard sale. 

Arrange Items Based on Use
If you constantly need to access certain items or tools, it doesn't make sense to keep them in a container located on a hard to reach shelf. You don't want to have to grab a ladder and move multiple items every time you need to use something, so arrange containers in your garage accordingly. A pegboard comes in handy when you don't necessarily have a lot of space but need easy access to certain items and tools. Pick one up at a hardware store and position it on the wall to hang what you need most often. 

Clear up the clutter! Install shelving units in your garage.Clear up the clutter! Install shelving units in your garage.

Utilize Every Inch of Space
Vertical spaces that don't seem to hold much can actually be utilized for a lot more than you think. Install shelving units to take advantage of these spots in your garage, and see just how organized it can become.

Use Lots of Labels
You'll likely need to keep some objects on shelves and in containers that are more difficult to access than others. One way to make these items more manageable is to use labels on every bucket or container that you can't reach very well. This will result in fewer trips up the step stool only to reach for the wrong container. Label things clearly and be as specific as possible. "Hockey equipment" is a better label than "Sports equipment," for example, and takes the same amount of time to create. Seemingly minor practices like this can save you a lot of wasted time and frustration in the long run.

Seasonal items can be placed in overhead storage.Seasonal items can be placed in overhead storage.

Think Seasonally
Sure, you want to keep winter decorations and ornaments in a spot that's easily reachable when it comes time to bring them into your home, but it's not a priority. Seasonal items like these can be placed in overhead storage units or behind other, more important items. 

Get Rid of What You Don't Need
While going through your garage, you're bound to come across items that you haven't used since you moved in. Keep a container for these items as you go through everything, and revisit it when you're finished. From there, separate items into piles to discard or donate. You'll clear up space in your garage for other things, or you'll just make it easier to maneuver through. 

Safely Remove Hazardous Items
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explained that many people have hazardous items in their homes, and proper care needs to be used when disposing of them. Check with your community before removing items with corrosive, toxic, ignitable or reactive ingredients commonly found in cleaners and pesticides. Doing so will help keep your family and surrounding environment safe from toxic substances.


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