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How to Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Room

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When winter comes and the air inside loses moisture, it can lead to itchy eyes, dry skin and lots of coughing. Bringing a humidifier home is one of the best ways to fight the problem, but it may not be as simple as just buying one and plugging it in. Humidifiers are designed to raise the level of moisture in the air, but how well they work depends on the size of the space where they're operating. Place one in too large of a room and it may not be able to produce enough vapor to keep it at the right humidity, but in too small of a space, a humidifier could make too much, increasing the risk of mold or just making it uncomfortable.

The Right Tool for the Room 
Before you buy a humidifier, it's best to check what size room it's rated for so you don't end up with one that produces too much or too little vapor for your needs. Most will list a recommended square footage on the packaging. Humidifiers tend to be more efficient in smaller rooms, but require a higher output per square foot for very large spaces.

Keeping Humidity In 
There are other factors that can influence a humidifier's operation to make it deliver less than optimal performance, though. Room humidifiers, such as the Holmes® Warm Mist Humidifier are designed to heat a contained space, so if they're run with the door open, they may not function properly. Humidity tends to equalize in any space, so if a door is open to a room with much lower humidity, the vapor from your humidifier will disperse to fill it, leaving you with little noticeable change. Increasing humidity is one situation where it's best not to share - if multiple rooms are too dry, they might each need their own humidifier.


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