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Fix Dry Skin or a Scratchy Throat Overnight

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A dry, itchy throat or skin can have many causes. In some extreme cases, it may be a sign of a medical condition, but more often than not, the cause is more benign. Especially if it gets worse in the fall and winter, the most likely cause of dryness is in the air. Cold outdoor air during the winter and fall can dry skin out, and blowing winds only make that worse. Even in your warm home it's not any better, as heated air can be even more drying than the harsh conditions outside. Fortunately, it's not difficult to add a little moisture back into the air or into your body.

It's in the Air 
One of the best ways to prevent dry skin and a scratchy throat is to get a home humidifier, such as the Holmes® Whole House Cool Mist Humidifier. Getting one device to humidify your whole house could be out of reach, but it's a good idea to at least get one for your bedroom and any other room that you spend most of your time in on a given day. If you can, it's important to keep the door of a room with a humidifier closed, since moisture in the air will quickly disperse into the rest of the house if it gets a chance. Room humidifiers don't have the power to treat an entire home, so to make any difference, they should be used in an appropriately sized space. As another benefit, humid air feels warmer than dry air, so you may be able to turn down the thermostat when you've got enough moisture in the air. Your skin and your wallet will thank you.

Relieving Dryness Inside and Out 
Although humidifiers may be the best way to fight dry throats and itchy skin, there are other ways to complement them. Everyday Health recommended avoiding hot showers, despite how good they feel in the winter. Hot water can dry the skin, so you're trading a few minutes of comfort for an ongoing problem. It's also better to use moisturizers directly after a shower when the skin is already moist for best effect.

If the problem is a dry throat or persistent cough, however, hot water is your friend. Drinking a cup of hot tea can calm throat irritation, and a bit of honey added to the liquid will make it even more effective, according to New Health Guide. Throughout the day, you should also drink plenty of cold water. While this may not provide the instant relief of hot tea, it can help keep your whole body hydrated so that dryness is less of an issue.


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