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4 Winter Woes and How to Beat Them

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Let's face it: As much fun as winter can be, the coldest time of the year can also bring plenty of perils. Whether you're digging your car out of a snowdrift or taping plastic to the windows to block a chill, there are many times when winter may do nothing but make you long for a heat wave. Here are some of winter's least-anticipated activities, with suggestions to ease the pain a little.

1. Loading Up on Moisturizer
Despite your best efforts to follow your doctor's advice and drink what feels like gallons of water every day, somehow the winter air has a way of drying you out regardless. You're faced with either enduring cracked lips and bleeding knuckles or covering yourself in a layer of lotion before you ever leave the house. At least it's a little better at home, where you can turn on the humidifier and imagine you're in a tropical paradise.

2. Dodging Coughs and Sneezes
You might count yourself lucky if you've made it through the first bit of winter without catching a cold, but there's a long way to go until you're home free. Even when you're loaded up on vitamin C and spend an hour per day washing your hands, you're still surrounded by germs just waiting for the chance to call your lungs home for a while. Short of wearing a surgical mask, there's not much you can do but avoid contact and hope for the best. Fortunately, your home can still be a sanctuary if you use an air purifier to keep most airborne irritants at bay.

3. Bundling Up Even at Home
When you go walking in a winter wonderland, you need to be suited up appropriately to avoid freezing. It's an easy price to accept, but what's harder to swallow is not being able to shed the extra layers when you come back inside. Rather than choosing between paying an exorbitant heating bill and stocking up on hot chocolate, consider using a humidifier to make the indoor air feel a little warmer without breaking the bank.

4. Fighting Cabin Fever
Watching snow peacefully fall to cover the landscape can be relaxing - for a short time. After a while, the air inside will start to feel stale and collect a season's worth of stray smells. An air purifier can make being stuck inside more pleasant until you're free to step into the sunshine again.


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