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Why the Holmes® Smart Humidifier with WeMo® Makes the Perfect Gift

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Imagine walking into your bedroom after a long day and being greeted with soothing steam set at the perfect intensity. With the Holmes® Smart Humidifier with WeMo®, you're able to make that a reality. The WeMo® technology allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to adjust the settings of your humidifier no matter where you are. This, in addition to its many other features, makes it the perfect gift for busy professionals who need to be able to control their home environment on the go. Get this special device for your loved ones with hectic schedules so they can enjoy the many benefits of a comfortable home at their convenience.

Low Maintenance
Not only are you able to use your phone to adjust the device, but you're also able to check the status of its filter and water levels. With such little effort required to keep the humidifier working at its best, it's the perfect present for those who spend a lot of their time outside of their home. 

Control your humidifier with your phone.

Easy Programming
For the perfect humidity levels in your home, all you need to do is plug in the device and hit a button. In no time, you'll hear the soothing steam getting to work to provide you with a comfortable living environment that can relieve dry skin, soothe irritated noses and throats, and more. To enable the WeMo® technology, download the app, sign in and get started.

"Fill the tank once, and you're set for 2 1/2 days."

Long Runtime
The device can hold 4 gallons of water and can run for 60 hours before shutting off. Fill the tank once, and you're set for 2 1/2 days of uninterrupted steam that can create the ideal indoor environment that combats the harsh dry air of the season. 

Control on the Go
Program start and end times, adjust levels and check the status of the humidifier filter with your phone. If you want a nice, comfortable room ready when you return from work, simply touch a few buttons on your smartphone before you start your commute home.


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