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Permanent or Replacement Filters: Which One is Right for You?

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Investing in an air purifier is the first step toward creating a fresh, clean indoor environment. Before making a purchase, you'll need to consider many factors, like the size of the room, if you're looking for allergy relief or just overall wellness, and which type of air filter is best for your home and lifestyle. Whether you go with a permanent or replacement filter depends largely on you and your household's preferences.

"Permanent filters could be the best option for pet owners or those who live in areas where pollen is excessive."

Permanent Filters
Air purifiers with permanent filters require regular cleaning when particles like pet dander, dust and other allergens get trapped and cause it to fill up. Some products come with features that notify you when it's time to clean the filter, but others require you to check for yourself. When you invest in an air purifier with a permanent filter, there's no need to purchase new filters - all you have to do is regularly maintain the same one. It's also better for the environment, since you're essentially reusing an individual item rather than disposing of it. This could be the best option for pet owners or those who live in areas where pollen is excessive, since it can be considered more convenient to simply clean a filter whenever necessary.

Replacement Filters
On the other hand, replacement filters - also known as "trap and toss" filters - require a brand new filter each time it fills up. While this can seem tedious, it helps ensure that you're not recycling the same allergens into your indoor air. This option is best for those with allergies who want to be positive they're starting fresh with a new filter each time. Replacement filters don't require cleaning, so those with busy lifestyles can simply stock up on multiple replacements at once and have them on hand when needed.


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