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How Will a Humidifier Help Keep Your Collectibles in Mint Condition?

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By now, you know how important air quality is for good health and vibrant skin and hair. However, did you know that a humid, comfortable environment can also help protect your valuables? If you have many collectibles, like books, paintings and other precious objects, you may want to consider using a humidifier in your home to protect them. Keeping the indoor conditions ideal can help maintain the quality of your possessions.

"Keeping the indoor conditions ideal can help maintain the quality of your possessions."

When it comes to properly storing books, the air temperature isn't nearly as important as the air quality. Humidity levels should be at about 35 percent to keep pages and covers in pristine condition. If the air is too dry, pages are susceptible to becoming brittle and tearing. Alternatively, when there's too much moisture in the air, the pages can become damp and wrinkle as they dry - similar to the effects of spilling liquid on paper.

Your valuable paintings and photos can also benefit from using a humidifier appropriately. When humidity levels are constantly fluctuating, it can cause paintings to crack and develop unsightly imperfections. Keep air quality high and steady by running a humidifier, like the Holmes® Warm Mist Humidifier. It's also important to store paintings and photos properly, either in glass frames or in a photo album that can protect them from damage. Avoid placing photos in a box, as they can stick together and suffer damage over time.

Keep air quality high to protect your valuable instruments.

Wooden valuables, like guitars and chests, can become warped by the changes in humidity. When the air is too moist, the wood swells, and when it's too dry, it shrinks. The humidity levels should remain consistent. Run a humidifier regularly to keep the air quality balanced and at an ideal level for the materials of your possessions.


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