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How to Keep Even the Coolest Places in Your Home Cozy This Season

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When the temperatures drop outside, you may be tempted to turn up the heat in your home to keep warm. However, it doesn't take long to realize that that's far from a cost-effective solution. Follow these tips for heating your home without breaking the bank.

"The warm air in your home can easily escape through your chimney."

Living room
The cozy fireplace in your living room is supposed to help keep you warm, but it could actually be making your home colder. Heat rises, and the warm air in your home can easily escape through your chimney without the proper installations. Make sure your chimney is covered appropriately, and invest in a balloon for the top of it to help seal in heat. There are also ways to tweak your radiator to make sure it remains energy efficient. For starters, you'll want to move all furniture and other objects surrounding it, as they can absorb heat and make the room even colder. Next, try installing a shelf above it to help push heat out into the room. You might also want to invest in heat reflectors to place behind the radiator to direct the heat inward.

Since a great deal of heat is lost through the floor, the tile in your bathroom can make the room even colder than normal. Place bath mats close to the shower and around the toilet to keep the temperature more comfortable. Also, rather than opening a window to remove steam from the shower, run the fan for a warmer, effective alternative.

Keep your bedroom warm and cozy.

Nobody likes a cold bedroom. Keep yours warm and cozy during the winter with a few simple tweaks to your existing setup. Hang heavy curtains that absorb any cool drafts that come from the windows. You can even purchase special curtains with thermal lining to block the cold air and trap in more heat. Also, take advantage of sunny days throughout the season. Open your curtains and blinds to let in as much natural heating as possible from the sunlight. Additionally, since it's expensive to keep the heat running all day and night, you may want to adjust your thermostat to increase the temperature while you sleep. Run a space heater in the room for an hour or two while you're unwinding for the night to make it nice and toasty when it's time for bed. Try the Holmes® Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control to program an ideal temperature for your room without having to get up and manually change the settings yourself.


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