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5 Reasons You Need the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier WeMo® Enabled

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Gone are the days of using your phone just to make calls. Mobile apps give you the ability to shop, find fun events in your area and much more, all with a few taps of a finger. Adding to that list is the ability to control the air quality in your home with WeMo® technology. Invest in the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier WeMo® Enabled to experience the convenience of creating a comfortable home environment no matter where you happen to be. Here are some of the most interesting features of the product.

1. Use the Auto Mode
Imagine having the perfect air quality at all times, with no extra effort on your part. All you need to do is program the air purifier and put it on auto mode, and the device will adjust accordingly and control the speed without your help. You can set up a weekly schedule so you don't have to check on it or worry about it running too frequently or not enough, making it the perfect purchase for those with busy schedules. 

2. Receive Alerts
This smart air purifier eliminates any and all guesswork. Not only are you able to check on the status of your home's air quality at any moment, but you'll also receive notifications when the device needs new air filters. You'll even be alerted when you need to adjust the settings on the device.

3. Order Filters
If you're balancing work and family, you might not find the time to go shopping for everything you need. With this device, you're not only informed when an air filter needs replacing, but you're also given the opportunity to order the filters straight from your smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of this feature for quick, convenient purchasing and delivery.

4. Install With Ease
If you know how to use your smartphone, you'll be able to install and start using the air purifier immediately with little to no help. All you need to do is plug the device into an outlet, download the free WeMo® app from the Google Play Store, the Apple App store or the Amazon App store onto your smartphone or tablet, and start controlling your home's air quality on the go.

5. Use With Other Products
The WeMo® app isn't just helpful for your air purifier. It also works with an entire suite of connected products, including humidifiers like the Holmes® Smart Humidifier with WeMo®. With this technology, you're able to control multiple aspects of your home no matter where you are - you can even tell it to turn off when you leave the house.

6. Keep Your Home Environment Comfortable
In addition to all of the smart features of the device, it provides you with the benefits of a top-of-the-line air purifier. It uses true HEPA filtration to eliminate 99.97 percent of all airborne particles, including mold, pet dander, dust, smoke and pollen. Using helpful technology and high-quality purifying products, the device will help everyone in your household find relief from some of the most irritating elements in the air.


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