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4 Reasons Why Your New Year's Party Needs an Air Purifier

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There's a lot that goes into preparing for a great New Year's Eve party. You need a fun group of friends, tasty snacks, good drinks and a clean spot to welcome guests. Run an air purifier to make sure your home is as clean as can be as you ring in the new year.

"By running an air purifier, you can reduce the amount of bothersome allergens."

1. Accommodate Guests' Allergies
Sometimes, no matter how regular your cleaning schedule or intense your vacuuming, there are still remnants of dust, pollen and pet dander. While these particles may not affect you, they could be irritating to your guests with allergies. By running an air purifier, you can reduce the amount of bothersome allergens in the air that can cause sore throats, itchy eyes and stuffy noses. They'll have you to thank for creating a comfortable living environment - and throwing a great party.

2. Counteract Smoke
Whether it's you or your guests who smoke cigarettes in social settings, you'll need products in place to help keep the rooms in your home from smelling of smoke. Try the Holmes® Smoke Grabber® Ashtray to remove smoke from the air. Plus, it doesn't take long for the fragrance of a burning cigarette to make its way into every inch of your house, so running an air purifier is essential to neutralizing odors that could otherwise be difficult to remove. It's also effective for smoke from a fireplace that you may use to set a comforting, festive tone for the party. Plus, if you're burning candles to further create a certain ambiance, your air purifier will neutralize that smoke as well.

Keep lingering food odors at bay during your party.

3. Neutralize Food Odors
Any great host will likely prepare an array of appetizers and desserts for their guests. Make sure that there's no lingering food smell reeking throughout your home when you're done enjoying your snacks by running an air purifier during and after your meal preparation. The last thing you'd want is for your guests to smell of food when they leave your party.

4. Keep the Air Fresh After the Party
When your guests leave and you're left with the task of cleaning up, you'll have one less thing to worry about if you continue to run your air purifier. You can blow out the candles and let the fire die down without being concerned that the air will smell of irritating smoke. You can ring in the new year with a successful party and fresh indoor air.


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