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4 Offensive Winter Household Odors

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The cold winter weather means you can expect to spend much more time indoors. Being cooped up inside also means you're constantly surrounded by some of the most offensive odors that you'd otherwise be able to flush out by opening the windows and keeping things airy and fresh. Here are some of the worst smells of the winter, and how to prevent them from creating an uncomfortable home environment.

1. Fireplace Residue
There's nothing more comforting than sitting around a lit fireplace on a snowy winter day. However, the stale, smoky odor it leaves behind can last weeks without proper odor-eliminating practices. Plus, it can pollute the air with irritating particles that can make your home less comfortable for you and your family. Try opening the windows for a brief period of time following use of the fireplace, and keep an air purifier, like the Holmes® HEPA-Type Air Purifier Tower, running regularly to neutralize odors and eliminate bothersome irritants in the air. 

2. Lingering Food Odors
A nice, home-cooked meal can help you instantly warm up in the bitter winter, but because of the enclosed quarters, it could also leave behind unappetizing smells. What was once a comforting aroma that made your mouth water could turn into an annoying fragrance that follows you around throughout your home. An air purifier can help remove food odors and leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

3. Sweat-Soaked Clothing
Bundling up in the extreme cold can help keep you warm while outdoors, but it can also cause you to sweat through some of your layers - especially if you participate in winter sports and activities like ice skating and sledding. Anyone with a hockey player in the family is all too familiar with the offensive scent of used equipment. Be sure to allow enough time for soiled clothing to air dry before washing, which will help reduce the chance of mold development. 

4. Pet Smells
The harsh conditions of the outdoors cause your pet to spend much more time inside with you and the family. No matter how cute he looks, the smells he emits are anything but. It's especially important to keep him clean during the cooler months, so give him baths regularly to keep offensive smells at bay. You should also keep an air purifier running and clean his bedding and food bowls often to further reduce odors.


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